Little or Large: Castle or Cottage?

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

There are two trends emerging at the moment, the small intimate gatherings or since American TV invaded and with the help of OK! magazine, the large, over the top embellished weddings. In my opinion bigger is not always better. The right people will make your wedding extraordinary not necessarily the place.

In saying that, here are a few of my favourites from the areas I know about:-
And Beyond – RSA House, Ardanaiseig Hotel (my favourite)
Some brides to be have known their dream venue for years, sadly for me, Buckingham Palace wasn’t available and the White House don’t do weddings and as I grew up my potential ‘guest-list’ went through an annual bust and boom. You need a rough idea of numbers at the start so you know which venues can accommodate you. This leads on to the next issue…the contentious who.

So you agree to the “i do”..but now what to do?!

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

If you have just got engaged, gone through the excited flurry and started to actually think about how you want your wedding to be, it can pop the lovely ‘I’ve just got engaged bubble’ but it doesn’t have to.

Help is out there.
First is first. When!! Chose a month, a year, a decade, then you at least know how long you have, what season you will be in and therefore where you would like to be married. Everyone has a favourite season, personally I love winter. I love the cold, dark evenings with bright, crisp days, mulled wine, anything with allspice, open fires and snow. Plus, having it in the winter means off season and no sweat patches!
So when is it to be?