What is your wedding’s mood?

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My Wedding Bible is full of mini mood boards. It contains cuttings from everywhere, ripped out of magazines, printed for the internet, swatches of fabric and my own sketches.

They help collate all of your ideas and give an overall theme. Or show you that you have no theme, as was the case for my own wedding. It is a great tool when showing suppliers what the overall “mood” of your wedding is.

They can be time consuming and take a while till they form your mood, but they a little pieces of artwork in themselves that help to paint a thousand words. So get glueing!
Mood Board from Kim Gray and Weddingbeepro

My Wedding Bible | uk wedding blog

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe
Freshly engaged, surrounded by magazines, flooded with ideas and scraps of paper everywhere, my solution became my life, my Bible.
Armed with a Pritt Stick, pen and too many ideas I used this book to jot everything down. It contains cut outs of dresses, flowers, images of venues, colours, ideas, lists and anything else that caught my eye. It’s a treat for the eyes and exceptionally practical. I used the Bible when meeting with the florist, the venue coordinator, the bridal boutique, the hairdresser and well…anyone who would listen really.
I strongly suggest you get one. Mine was a gift from my mother who bought it from paperchase but you can buy them anywhere. It doesn’t even have to be wedding related, a simple ring binder will suffice. Get back to your school days. All you need is a pen, paper, PrittStick and your dreams…glitter glue optional.

Lists! Lists! Lists!

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Make lists, make lists of lists, put lists on walls, stick lists to fridges, tick off lists, then make more lists! I could not have planned my wedding if I hadn’t made lists. It was an essential tool in keeping track of people, my thoughts and ideas.

When you first sit down to write your guest list there are a few simple things you can abide by to help trim numbers. There will be exceptions but things can get out of hand. The “one year rule“. If you haven’t had a decent conversation in a year, dont invite them. If they haven’t been with their partner for a year, dont invite the partner. Keep the list to close family and friends, it makes it so much easier. Have a “B” list. When people drop out you can fill in the gaps from the B list. But don’t feel that you have to, there was a reason why they hadn’t made the cut first time round.

The most stressful part of my wedding planning was after the invites were sent out. People crawled out of the woodwork, asking why so and so wasn’t invited, or, could they please bring their new partner…stick to the rules…stick to the list!!! Don’t feel obliged. It’s your wedding.

This won’t be the last I mention of lists! Get your pen and paper ready…

Little or Large: Castle or Cottage?

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There are two trends emerging at the moment, the small intimate gatherings or since American TV invaded and with the help of OK! magazine, the large, over the top embellished weddings. In my opinion bigger is not always better. The right people will make your wedding extraordinary not necessarily the place.

In saying that, here are a few of my favourites from the areas I know about:-
And Beyond – RSA House, Ardanaiseig Hotel (my favourite)
Some brides to be have known their dream venue for years, sadly for me, Buckingham Palace wasn’t available and the White House don’t do weddings and as I grew up my potential ‘guest-list’ went through an annual bust and boom. You need a rough idea of numbers at the start so you know which venues can accommodate you. This leads on to the next issue…the contentious who.

So you agree to the “i do”..but now what to do?!

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If you have just got engaged, gone through the excited flurry and started to actually think about how you want your wedding to be, it can pop the lovely ‘I’ve just got engaged bubble’ but it doesn’t have to.

Help is out there.
First is first. When!! Chose a month, a year, a decade, then you at least know how long you have, what season you will be in and therefore where you would like to be married. Everyone has a favourite season, personally I love winter. I love the cold, dark evenings with bright, crisp days, mulled wine, anything with allspice, open fires and snow. Plus, having it in the winter means off season and no sweat patches!
So when is it to be?