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The coronavirus crisis has brought a wave of abrupt changes in our lives this 2020, especially with our daily routines and plans. For couples set out on having their wedding this year, this situation came as a huge shock. In turn, many of them have decided to set their wedding to 2021 or a later year. However, some have decided to keep their ground and hold their special days this year. 

As challenging as it may sound, it’s possible to hold your wedding this 2020. If you’re one of the couples who are set to have their wedding this year, we’re here to help you see it through with as little bumps as possible. We’ve listed here the five things you can expect for a 2020 wedding.  

1. A grand wedding is out of the picture for now.

With restrictions on gatherings and social distancing in place, celebrating with 50 or more guests isn’t the ideal wedding picture today. If you have a huge guest list, you’ll have to downsize that list. In the UK it is currently at 30 people. 

Even if public places like churches are slowly opening to the public, it’s still best to assume that they would not be your final venue. Of course, that depends on your venue’s availability on your wedding day (especially if you’ve postponed to a later date this year).  So if you’ve planned a grand wedding celebration, you’ll have to make major adjustments to push through your wedding this year. You can save the dreamy details on your second wedding once this pandemic blows over.

2. Things are about to get…pricey.

If you want to tie the knot with the love of your life this year, prepare to pay a huge price. We’re not saying that you’ll be paying your vendors an extra fee automatically once you move your wedding to a later date. It depends on your contract and your vendor. Some may require additional fees to accommodate your needs on your new date. And, since other couples are also moving their wedding dates, money will be your leverage to secure your vendors on your special day, such as your venue and photographers.

3. Your idea of your dream wedding may turn out completely different than your actual wedding.

For instance, if you’re getting married at a later month, chances are, the season on which you’ve based your original wedding plans will also change. That means a complete makeover of all the details – design, color schemes, floral arrangements, even the venue. So instead of the beach or the garden, your outdoor wedding will likely take place in your backyard. Depending on your new venue, you may need to transform or downsize your decoration. You may even find DIY decors more convenient today. A change of season may also affect your color schemes and floral choice. You’ll need to consider new color palettes fit for an autumn or winter wedding. The same goes for the right flowers blooming in those seasons to fit your overall theme.

If you’re still on the process of shopping for a wedding dress, you may need to settle with ready-made gowns and displays on boutiques instead. Most wedding dresses are made overseas, and with the current travel restrictions, shipping is likely to get delayed. Simply put, you may need to explore a different design and silhouette for your wedding dress.

4. Frustrations and disappointments will come.

It’s okay to feel anxious, frustrated, or even disappointed with how your things will turn out for your 2020 wedding. We’re still in the dark when it comes to this situation, and no one has a ready-made solution for this yet, especially for weddings. What you may have envisioned a few years back for your special day may turn out different. The good news is, events professionals are doing their best to provide solutions in adapting to this pandemic. Wedding planners and other vendors are sharing helpful information on their blogs and on social media to help couples like you make smart, quick decisions. Most vendors are also willing to discuss plans and possible solutions for your wedding amidst this coronavirus crisis. So when in doubt, always talk to your wedding planner, family, and friends so you could come up with a Plan B for your wedding.

Always remember that a wedding is more about your celebration of love than how you celebrate it. Sure, you may not have achieved a fairytale-like ceremony, but nothing beats the opportunity to finally spend your days forever with the love of your life. 

5. Technology will play a great part in your wedding plans.

Couples who have made their wedding come true during these trying times have found success with technology. Considering how technology has made our lives easier, there’s no doubt that it could also help you achieve your dream wedding, despite the circumstances.

Some wedding planners recommend having a virtual wedding. By live streaming your marriage through a video conference application, all your guests will be able to witness the ceremony, wherever they are in the world.  Since almost everyone’s on social media, it would be easy for everyone to join in on the stream, including your grandparents.

If a photographer isn’t available during your wedding day, you can trust your smartphone to do the job for you. Just set it up with a tripod and a remote shutter, and you’re good to go. You can also use a clip-on lens to improve the capacity of your phone’s camera.

The quality of photos taken by smartphones today can match those of a DSLR. You have nothing to worry about if the images will look good on wedding photo albums or when you share them on social media. 

Bonus tip: Always have a goal in mind. 

Considering the situation and the adjustments you’ll have to make, how do you envision your wedding now? When you know what you and your partner want, it would be easier to plan things out. Also, keep finding inspiration around you – from your own love story, your family, friends, and the good ole’ Internet. It would be your driving force to see this memorable chapter in your life through the end!

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