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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

If you are looking for Harry Potter inspiration for your wedding then you are definitely in the right place, I have blogged a few themed weddings over the years but this really has the best detail I have seen (and as a total Potter fan this really made my heart sing) I hope you appreciate all the love and  effort that went in to this wedding as much as I did. Jenny and Jonny did an incredible job at bringing the joy of a wedding together with one of their passions! I love it so so much!! A Harry Potter wedding will always have a place on this blog, especially when you’ve got mermaid eggs, the Mirror of Erised and owls.

photography | Lissa Alexandra 

Flowers – Paper Bouquets UK

Dress – Ettia by Maggie Sottero

Shoes – Leona by Perfect Bridal Company

Bride’s hair accessories – Victoria Louise Bridal

Hair – Hair by Gemma Earle and Makeup – Carly Howarth

The perfume – Creed, Love in White

Bridesmaids –

Dresses: Etsy

Shrugs: Monsoon

We also had a bro’smaid

Groom’s outfit/accessories/shoes –  French Connection

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories – Can’t remember! But they all had Hogwarts socks in different houses, and different ties and pocket squares to match house colours.

Stationery – The bride made them! We had Hogwarts acceptance letters as the main invite, marauders maps with directions and extra info, the fat lady portrait revealing the password to our online guest list.

Venue – The Priests House & Old Chapel, Barden Tower

Entertainment –

Mark Waddington Magician

Owls: Spirit Falconry. One of the owls was supposed to deliver the best man’s speech (by owl post), but it got stage fright!!!

Photobooth (can’t remember, and I think the company no longer trades). We had a gold smart mirror to represent the mirror of Erised.

Harry Potter theme! All of the following were handmade…

Table runners in house colours with logos

Pennant flags for each table to match table runners

Each table had jars/bottles of potions and other items (i.e. dragons eggs, floo powder, giants toenails etc)

Each guest had a Ministry of Magic ID card as their place name featuring their photo and unique job in the ministry

Menus were printed with names for each of the courses to fit with the theme – there was a Witches & Wizards menu and a Muggle-worthy menu (for the veggies)

In place of a guest book, we had Gringotts Vault keys with paper tags attached for guests to write their messages. These were then left in Gringotts key deposit boxes.

We also had a post box, pre bought from country baskets, which we then painted a deep burgundy and added an Owl Post logo to the front for guests to deposit their cards.

We brought props for the photobooths (Hogwarts accessories, brooms etc). The photobooth company did a great job providing the Mrirror of Erised as one of the backgrounds for printed images

Provided by the venue:

Canapes with mulled wine (which was well needed – it was FREEZING), followed by a 7 course medieval banquet, to fit with a theme of a feats at Hogwarts. Wine, Lager, Bitter, Cider and punch was served throughout the meal in large pewter pitchers.

The final course, cheese, was served in the evening with the wedding cake, which was fruit. Fruitcake and cheese is a Yorkshire thing 😉

The venue also provided pewter goblets in place of the usual glassware, to better fit the theme.

They even provided a real (!!!) pigs head which sat in the centre of the top table.

Favours – For favours, every guest had a wand, a canvas bag stamped with the Gringotts logo filled with chocolate pennies, and a small glass bottle of polyjuice potion.

Where did you find your inspiration? Harry Potter Studios – the memory cabinet in Dumbledore’s office was studied in immense detail for the cake! We also got to see the Ministry of Magic ID cards up close so that we could make our own.

Other than the obvious actually getting married part… Seeing it all come together. Although it was very much a DIY wedding, the venue completed the setup for us. We boxed everything up for each table with instructions, and being a control-freak of a bride it was a bit of a risk, but they set it all up beautifully, and was just as we envisaged!!! And they didn’t break the cake moving it into position (it was HUGE and made by the bride JC Bakes.

Honeymoon – Harry Potter World at Universal in Florida for NYE, then on to the Riviera Maya in Mexico

Budget –  We are both project managers, so every penny was accounted for. I appreciate that not everyone would keep track of all of the paper and bits they used to make everything… but we did! Including the honeymoon and spending money, it all came to £30,475.54 exactly 😉 Without the honeymoon and spending money, the wedding itself was about £18k.

If you’re having a theme, don’t be put off by other people’s opinions. We had a lot of strange looks and I think people thought it was going to be gimmicky. It certainly wasn’t, and we both knew exactly how we wanted it to turn out. We were just dead set on not having a “wedding themed wedding”.


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Claire //

I am a huge fan of fairytale weddings. This wedding is so amazing, they have converted the whole wedding same as it in the Harry Potter movie. Photographer have done a great job.

Alianças //

Wow I loved this wedding, I love it when it’s themed, everything beautiful and original, I loved the bride’s dress and ring, she’s very beautiful

Aliança //

Wow I loved this wedding, I love it when it’s themed, everything beautiful and original, I loved the bride’s dress and ring, she’s very beautiful