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It might be a year or it might be five years since you and your partner got married. Back then, decisions had to be made on wedding dresses, guests lists, and choosing the perfect wedding venue. No matter how long it has been since your wedding, an anniversary is an opportunity to show your partner how deeply you care about them. If you’re preparing to celebrate a wedding anniversary, you’ll want to take these things into consideration. Here are some tips for the first 10 years:


Think About What Your Partner Enjoys

If your partner loves dining out, you’ll want to make reservations at one of your favourite restaurants. If you and your partner frequently travel together, you may want to take a holiday. If your partner prefers to stay in, then you should consider cooking them a lavish meal at home.

You should find a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary, but you should also take the wants and needs of your partner into account. You should try to plan a celebration that you know they’ll enjoy.


Choosing The Right Gift

Your anniversary is a milestone, and each year is commemorated by a specific type of material. For example, the material that commemorates the fifth year of marriage is wood. The material associated with the tenth year of marriage is tin. You’ll want to select a gift that corresponds to that milestone.

Choosing a gift can be challenging, and having to match your present to a milestone can make the process even more difficult. If you’re struggling to select a gift, here are a few ideas.


First Anniversary: Paper

For a first anniversary, you can easily pair a gift with a handwritten love letter. Other gift ideas include journals, books, and art.


Second Anniversary: Cotton

Clothing and linens are both wonderful gift choices for a second anniversary. If you choose to give linens, you may want to have them personalised to give your gift a special touch.


Third Anniversary: Leather

Leather signifies longevity, which is why it represents the third year of marriage. Handbags, belts, and wallets all make excellent third-anniversary gifts. A leather coat is also an option.

Fourth Anniversary: Flowers

A bouquet of flowers is a simple and beautiful gift. Of course, you’ll probably want to pair a bouquet with another anniversary present.


Fifth Anniversary: Wood

Furniture can make a wonderful fifth-anniversary gift. You and your partner could also use the money you would have spent on gifts to purchase a home together.


Sixth Anniversary: Iron

A gift of furniture is also an option for the sixth anniversary. You can also find beautiful lamps made out of iron. Candy is also associated with the sixth wedding anniversary.


Seventh Anniversary: Wool

A jumper can make a lovely gift for this anniversary, and a coat is an option as well. You could also give a warm wool blanket.

Eighth Anniversary: Copper

You can find many beautiful gifts made from copper, including jewellery, lamps, and flatware.


Ninth Anniversary: Pottery

Vases are a common choice for this anniversary. Naturally, you’ll want to fill the vase with a bouquet of flowers.


Tenth Anniversary: Tin

Jewellery boxes and picture frames are a few examples of gifts that can be made from tin. You may be able to purchase some tin jewellery as well.


An anniversary is a momentous occasion, and it should be celebrated appropriately. Keep these things in mind if you have an anniversary coming up.

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