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I am whisking you off to Venice today, you’re welcome. I thought it would help this miserable Monday seem a bit better seeing a beautiful couple swan around the waters of Italy for some inspiration. The wording has been submitted and I have tried to not edit it too much to keep the feeling the stylists had behind the shoot.

photography | Eric Kelley

We all know it is an overwhelming task to explain the phenomenon of love. It is so intangible but unique in each story. For somebody it’s the explosion of bright emotions, for the others, it is transparency, lightness and all-embracing tenderness. The latter associations seem to be the case of Anna and Mark’s love story. At least their enigmatic photo session makes us think so.

Do you know another so atmospheric place around the world, which could enhance the elevation of the wedding moment in such an exquisite way?  Unlikely. Venice with its ancient architectural elements and smooth flow of romantic channels is the best choice for creating the delightful wedding story.

Anna’s wedding look seems to be the brightest confirmation of appropriateness of the couple choice of the place.  The wedding dress from MYWONY is indeed corresponding with the moto of collections: it is the lighter than the air and as tender as love. It creates the image of emphasizing the role of love.

The open sandals from EMMY SHOES complement the divine look enhancing the feeling of weightlessness, freedom, and elevation! Just look, the bride is like the fluttering angel!

One could not notice the “jewelry” work of LETIZIA CORDELLA MAKE UP. In what a delicate manner she succeeded in emphasizing the naturalism of the image. Everything is well thought out but looks such as this image was created in a minute with incredible lightness; it so naturally and accompanying to the whole conception of the wedding look. 

Flower design by PHILIPPA TARRANT FLOWERS are perfect. The bride’s bouquet looks like it is just gathered on the meadow, It is full with the atmosphere of nature, freshness, sincere and true love which seems to reign this wedding ceremony.

The couple knows what a difficult task to create the harmonious image of the couple and what a significant role play the bridegrooms image. Anna and Mark’s looks compliment each other and the atmosphere around them. The reason is in the magnificent tuxedo from BLANK LABEL. Unique design and bohemian in structure but not flashy, perfect for a laid back groom who wants to add something special.



Photography: @erickelleyhttps://erickelley.com/ 

Photography Assistant: @elanklein – https://www.instagram.com/elanklein/ 

Event Design: @atrendyweddinghttp://trendyweddingstyle.com/ 

Flower Design: @philippatarranthttp://www.philippatarrant.com/ 

Shoes: @emmyshoes – https://www.instagram.com/emmyshoes/ 

Hair&makeup: @letiziacordellamakeup – https://www.instagram.com/letiziacordellamakeup/ 

Tuxedo: @blanklabelclothinghttps://www.instagram.com/blanklabelclothing/ 

Jewelry: GSDiamonds – https://www.gsdiamonds.com.au/

Linens: @latavolalinenshttps://www.instagram.com/latavolalinens/ 

Dress: @mywony_bridalhttps://www.instagram.com/mywony_bridal/ 


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