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This is part one of a post I want to write about engagement rings for 2020, I think we have slowly seen an increase in more unique engagement jewellery, today I am picking out my favourites from Savicki Jewellery and I think you will love all of them!

Black Diamonds – I am such a big fan of a black diamond, Savicki Jewellery have a gorgeous one surrounded by white sapphires either side (a great alternative to diamonds). These 2 rings are from their fairytale collection

I am also loving this one (I have a habit of picking out gold rings but these also come in other metals)

Thanks to Kate Middleton the blue sapphire saw a return to popularity over the past few years but now the emerald is having its time to shine, here are a few of my favourites from Savicki Jewellery

I am in love with the gorgeous take on a halo ring, the way the sapphires cluster round the oval emerald! 

This is another from their Fairytale collection, I just love the green of an emerald, it suits all skin tones and I would say goes with all outfits! Don’t be afraid of buying rings online, the process is so easy now (I recently bought myself a new ring from America) the main thing is make sure you get your size right and check their returns policy. These are my favourites under £1000:

Hopefully you have found some inspiration to send on to your other half! The next instalment will be my top picks of ‘different’ engagement rings from across the web!

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