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By Laura


Well, it’s about time we posted about some wedding stationery and today I am back to the F&L series with our absolute faves Rosemood Atelier. Those of you who follow the blog will know that we’ve worked with them before and even hosted an Instagram giveaway and think very highly of them so I was thrilled when they said they would help me with my own wedding invitations and aren’t they absolutely beautiful?! 

Rosemood Atelier is a young, French company founded in 2010, who specialise in creating the perfect stationery for people all over the world. What started as a small business in Paris has now grown to having branches in Germany and the UK. Their wedding stationery collection is extensive but they also do birthday, christening and baby announcement/thank you cards too. Their aim is to ‘go above and beyond’ and I can certainly attest to that. 

Fraser and I have created our own wedding website so that our guests can find all of the information they need about the day as well as RSVP and choose their menu options so we didn’t need to send out an entire invitation pack. Instead, one piece of card that had the main details and the URL and password to our site did the trick and Rosemood were absolute gems the entire way, double/triple checking everything before it was sent to print.

The choice is so vast on their website, they have designs for a variety of vibes and a whole host of finishes such as foil and watercolour. We chose their Reflections design using gold foil for the floral element of the design. It has such a professional finish and I was absolutely over the moon that with this design, I could literally tell them the pantone colour to use for the background – you don’t have to stick to any set colours, you can have any colour of the rainbow and anything in between.

The actual design bit is incredibly easy to navigate with their online editing tool where you can edit the text, font, colour etc with ease. And don’t panic about it not printing quite right because Rosemood are famous for their brilliant (and free!) retouching service where your design is checked by a graphic designer and if they think the spacing or font size can be improved, they contact you and check that you’re 100% happy before it gets sent to print. This happened with me where I couldn’t quite get the spacing right between the two lines on the front of the invitation but the graphic designer didn’t even bat an eyelid about fixing it and it was sorted all in the space of one afternoon. 

The fact you can choose the type of card, envelope colour and even stickers that you can use to seal the envelope and give that extra special touch was a big hit with me especially because Rosemood were able to match the pantone colour I requested for the invitations for the stickers as well! 

I am completely and utterly delighted with how our invitations have turned out and the response we have had has been incredible. I cannot recommend Rosemood Atelier enough, not only do they have such elegant and classy designs but the service really is of the highest quality which is all you can ask for when preparing your wedding stationery which you understandably, want to be absolutely spot on. 

I was planning on doing all of the ‘on the day’ stationery myself but now that I have the invitations I am thinking about going back and purchasing the Reflections design for the Order of Service, menus and place names because I love it that much. If you want to have a look yourself, Rosemood can produce 1 free personalised sample for you just so you have that extra reassurance that you truly love what you see on the screen. 

{My invitations were kindly gifted to me in collaboration with this post but honestly, honestly I LOVE what Rosemood do and would 100% recommend them to any of you}

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