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By Laura

Trying on wedding dresses is one of the most special moments of your whole wedding journey and it is quite easy to feel the fear of never finding ‘the one’. You might think that you’ll never find a dress that will suit your shape or maybe you hate wearing the colour white; well don’t worry, today we are rounding up the top 5 trends of 2020 for wedding dresses in the US  so you don’t have to spend hours researching what is ‘in’ right now. We have been attending all of the major new collection launches over the Spring to bring you the trends that kept cropping up and here they are!

Hollywood Glam

We are seeing the return of classic, understated dresses where the shape and lines do all the talking. If you’re after a dress that isn’t too loud where your can accessorize to your heart’s content without fearing it might be ‘too much’, this is the style for you. But Hollywood glam is far from ‘simple’, take a look at the fully beaded gown below – isn’t it stunning?! If you love the shape, have a little search for mermaid style wedding dresses here.


We’re a big fan of this look – it has so many hidden benefits too. If you’re going for a religious ceremony where your shoulders need to be covered for example, a cape that is actually part of your dress is perfect to keep your entire look stylish. Perhaps, you’re going for an autumn or winter wedding and are worried that you’ll get chilly – the cape will have you looking chic whilst also keeping your cockles warm!


One for the more daring brides out there, although this isn’t the first time we’ve seen designers using feathers to adorn their gowns. There are so many different styles where the feathers simply add that extra little something to make your dress stand out from the myriad of wedding dress options. There is something so timeless about plumes and you can guarantee all eyes will be on you with this style.


Hey, look don’t knock this one. Not every woman wants to wear a ball gown and rightly so; if it’s not your thing why should you feel pressured to wear one? Designers have cottoned on to this, and almost every collection has at least one jumpsuit or two-piece to ensure that alternatives exist beyond the traditional wedding dress. Jumpsuits can still be feminine, just take a look at these lace and embroidered ones below – they’d also really work for those wanting a second outfit on the day!

Blush dresses

White isn’t for everyone and you should be able to wear whatever colour you want on your wedding day! There was a huge influx of blush dresses in designer collections and we are living for them! What a fab way to add some personality and character to your dress and you can have so much fun accessorizing this look, which is an art in itself as Phoebe has written about before!

We hope this has been useful if you’ve found yourself in a bit of a rut when it comes to finding the perfect dress.


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