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Good afternoon all! I hope your wedding planning is going well? If you are reading this post it is probably because you are planning your Italian wedding, firstly, congratulations, secondly…so so jealous! One of the things I get asked the most is “what would you change about your day” my answer is always that I would have hired a videographer. I think its one thing to have wonderful photographic memories but a video truly captures the day, its also a way to record the speeches which on the day and even now seem like a little blur. It’s even harder find a videographer in a different country but if you’re planning an Italian wedding then look no further than Black and Light Film a superb wedding videographer in Italy who turn your day in to the most incredible cinematic piece of art.

We’ve got some stills but to see their amazing work, have a look at the videos. Alessio and his team work with beautiful natural light, sounds and specially curated soundtracks to enhance what will already be the best day of your life, and turn it in to the perfect memory for you. Years later I am so glad a couple of friends recorded the speeches and first dance for me, and whilst it was the wrong way on an iphone, those little snippets mean so much now that people have sadly passed away so I can’t imagine what it will feel like to have such an incredible cinematic memory of the day.

It would be amazing to capture the beauty of your wedding in Italy so perfectly and Black and Light film do exactly that. I have spent the past hour or so crying at other peoples weddings (this is regular occurrence to be honest), the way they frame the entire day, just builds with emotion and I felt like I was there.

Planning a wedding abroad can be so hard but it can be made easier with amazing suppliers and Black and Light film will make the most amazing film for your day, I have no doubt. Have a look at their latest blog post for recent work (just look at this venue!)



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