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A great honeymoon is one that you will remember for years to come. If your trip is taking place immediately after your wedding day, it is easy for the planning and details of your trip to get put on the back burner due to lack of time and the fact that your primary focus is on your big day! Read on to discover these 7 honeymoon friendly apps that can help you manage your trip better, some you will probably already use but hopefully some good surprise additions. 

One of the challenges of planning any type of trip is the task of coordinating a lot of different information from multiple aspects of your travel. TripIt allows you to easily manage all the tiny details of your trip from one, easy to use app. Save itinerary information for flights, hotels, restaurants, reservations, maps and tours so that all the information you need is at your fingertips. It even stores much of this information on your local device, so that you can access it without an active internet connection. This free app is available on both iOS and Android.
If you want to start your travel plans today and save some money at the same time, you can check out these valuable Travelodge Deals in collaboration with PlusVoucherCode.

Shangri La Mauritius | Rebecca Sterling

Forget expensive, risky, and sometimes confusing car rental services. With Uber, you’ll be able to request experienced, local drivers to take you where you need to be. In many cases, it is both easier and less expensive than a traditional cab service. Simply open the app and request a driver to your current location or specify a time and place to meet the Uber.
For added control, you can specify the type of vehicle, review multiple drivers by reading ratings from prior customers, and easily pay through a PayPal account or credit/debit card.
The Uber app is free to download on both iOS and Android phones, you only need to pay for the rides you request.

As most trips involve some amount of air travel, you’ll be happy to know that there is an app to help ease the burden of TSA security lines and air travel rules. In case you’ve picked an American destination for your honeymoon trip, it’s a good choice to have this one on your cellphone.
Specifically designed to bring you information about wait times and delays in real time, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of what to expect before you even arrive at the airport. It works with the cooperation of other travellers, allowing you to post your own updates when you arrive to help your fellow travellers. The app also includes information about the type of items you are allowed or not allowed to bring with. Type in your question, hit send, and wait for a response!
MyTSA is available at no cost for both Android and iOS users.

Shangri La Mauritius | Rebecca Sterling

XE Currency
When travelling abroad, XE Currency is your go-to app for up-to-date currency conversions. It stores all the latest exchange rates for every country directly to your device, which means you’ll have access even when you lack Wi-Fi connection.
Download the app for free from the iOS or Android app stores before you go, and you’ll never have to worry about exchange rates anywhere in the world.

Google Translate
Even more daunting than currency exchange rates is the language barrier that can exist, especially when travelling to exotic honeymoon locations. To help bridge the communication gap anywhere in the world, make sure you have Google Translate.
There are few different ways you can use this app. Not only can you type or handwrite on the screen (good for languages such as Japanese or Chinese where you have different characters) to get the translation, you can speak to translate. Conversation mode allows you to chat back and forth with someone and displays the translation of the speech on your screen.
Instant camera translation is another handy option. The only thing you need to do is point your camera at the text you want to translate and you’ll see the translation within the picture. Just have in mind that this option works best with simple fonts.
While it is not 100% perfect, it is the best alternative to when you don’t know the local lingo. Besides, it works offline too! The free and user-friendly app is found on both Android and iOS.

Shangri La Mauritius | Rebecca Sterling

You should definitely check out TripAdvisor app during pre-trip planning or spontaneous sight-seeing and events. It provides access to thousands of reviews and ratings from other users just like you, this app is your guide to all the local attractions. Search results can be sorted by parameters such as the highest rating, neighbourhood, price, and type of attraction. At any time before and during your travels, tap into the knowledge and experience of other travellers to help you make the best decisions for you.
TripAdvisor is free to use and can be downloaded from the iOS and Android app stores.

City Maps 2Go Pro
This app is a practical way to access maps during your trip. Before you actually go on a trip, you can download access to thousands of maps for offline use – that way you’ll save some money cause you won’t have to spend it on data roaming. The free version of the app can be downloaded from Android or iOS.
For an advertisement-free experience and even more in-depth information about local businesses, attractions, and more, you can buy the pro version. The money you save on roaming costs alone is more than enough to justify the cost of the app.

The honeymoon is, probably, the best time in the life for the newly married couples – just the two of you and the whole world (or your picked destination) in front of you. Because of that, it should be flawless, but some problems and misunderstandings are always possible. Thankfully, there’s an app for everything these days! We really hope these 7 apps will save you time and nerves and make your trip stress-free.

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