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If you have lusted over the glorious coastlines, the old buildings and the delicious food then I am sure you are already in love with everything Italy has to offer, but you can look to their bridal fashion for inspiration too.

Italian bridal style seems to be in two camps, you have the relaxed laid back style, the no frills approach to fashion and then you have the embellished, heavy beaded, beautifully intricate detail to dresses that I always seem to fall in love with. So here are a few designers and accessories that will help you ooze Italian style whether its cruising down the riviera or in the mountains sipping wine, we have got you covered. I think the overarching vibe the Italians manage to achieve is honest authenticity.

First lets look at shoes, whether it’s designer wedding shoes or the high street, the main decision is heels or flats? I think it largely depends on what you’re used to wearing. In Italy one of the most famous brands among the brides is Loriblu, a luxury wedding shoes designer which proposes both high heels and flats. But it also depends on what kind of day you’re having: if you’re jetting from getting ready to a venue for the ceremony then another for the wedding, perhaps a little speed boat in between, then maybe 110 Louboutin heels aren’t the answer but you can find some really comfortable heels now. If heels aren’t your thing then pretty jewelled flats are a great alternative to still mark the occasion.

The dress does all the talking and whether you are opting for something boho and flowing or tailored and luxe bringing Italian flair is easy, here are a few of our favourite Italian bridal designers, most have stockists internationally too.

Ines di Santo 

Rock & Lace


If your venue is going to be alfresco you may want to think about sleeves/cape/jacket if it gets chilly in the evening but it will only add to the sophisticated style the Italians often ooze.

One thing that you can’t deny Italians get right is the dreamy romantic element to weddings, their history is steeped in so many traditions and whether you choose to serenade your bride, or not look in the mirror whilst in your dress will not stop your day from being utterly magical. Italian style isn’t always about that ‘flair’ it is about honest simplicity, getting family and loved ones together and having a wonderful time. It just so happens you’ll be there with the love of your life rocking an incredible dress and some awesome shoes.

images / Jeremy Ferrero // Lace & Luce // Carmen Santorelli // Tracy Enoch // Audrey Norman //



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