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We have discussed money and finances several times on the blog. It’s the one topic that comes up the most when discussing wedding planning because budgeting can be hard, and individuals usually have different ideas where the money would be best allocated (I wanted a million flowers, he wanted amazing food). Money can impact a relationship from the beginning and Shepherds Friendly have provided a helpful infographic on the subject, and how other couples handle their finances, money doesn’t buy love but according to their research it buys security.  

money in a relationship

When it comes to the wedding and moving forward you need to have good communication and be clear with each other about where you think you should spend or save, and if you’d like to splurge on something how you can justify it by perhaps cutting back in other areas. Want a gold leaf penguin to be the ring bearer? Mention you’re willing to give up your £3 coffees on the way to work, there is always a way to make your dream wedding happen, just make sure you know what is important. If you feel saving for a house is more important than a wedding then make sure your partner knows this too, they may even feel the same. I have blogged plenty of weddings under £10k and £5k that have been gorgeous so you can still have a fab wedding, save money and buy a house, it’s just all about balancing those finances.

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