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By Laura

No, it doesn’t stand for ‘Bloody hell, will she ever stop going on about weddings?’. Today’s post is all about the dreaded wedding budget. Nobody likes talking about money, and I’m not about to tell you what you should and shouldn’t spend money on when it comes to your wedding. I personally feel it is totally and utterly subjective; if you want to spend £50k on your wedding and you have the means to do so then go wild, equally, if you need to tighten the purse strings a little then that is ok too.

I think it’s really important to address the fact that, no matter how much you have set aside for your wedding, you are going to have disagreements about what you both consider to be a priority when it comes to booking suppliers and all the added extras. I am not going to deny that Fraser and I have certainly had heated discussions on whether or not spending almost £2000 on our photographer is a good idea. I know in my case, I’m finding it difficult to see the wood from the trees when it comes to deciding on an overall figure that we are not willing to go beyond. I’m actually a little bit worried that we have a sort of ball park figure in mind but we haven’t properly sat down and split it into sections which I am more than aware we must do sharpish.

So far we have booked our venue, booked our registrars and paid the deposit for the caterers and photographer (I can’t wait to share with you who we have chosen but let me tell you, she’s great!). I’ve also sorted my make-up too but I’m actually working with the brand so more on that soon. We are super lucky that Fraser’s aunt makes wedding cakes for a living and I’m literally salivating at the thought of her famous chocolate cake so she will of course, be making ours. I will write up a whole post on that too because trust me, you’ll want to see what an incredibly talented lady she is. Considering we still have 16 months to go, I think this is not bad but I am forever panicking that I still need to sort a florist, the entertainment for the day and stationary.

Something I’m quite surprised I forgot about is the honeymoon! I hadn’t even thought about the fact that a huge chunk of our rough budget would be spent on this. Not that we’ve even given it a moment’s thought on where we want to go – I’m so consumed with all the little details like favours and table plans that I can’t even think that far ahead!

My one piece of advice to brides in this all-consuming wedding whirlwind is to talk to your partner. Don’t try and sneak things past them, don’t book things without having talked with them first and discuss what it is that is most important to you on your wedding day, that way you can come to some sort of compromise when it comes to arranging your budget. They will also appreciate the consultation – I’ve learnt that from experience! After all, it is their wedding day too and like me, you might find that they come around to the idea of fairy lights everywhere if you take the time to express why they are absolutely pivotal to making the day perfect 😉

We’re all in the same boat, nobody likes to splash that amount of cash on any one thing unless you’re buying a house, but always remember that communication is the key to producing a budget you’re both happy with. I’m still working on this bit; I think Fraser sinks a little whenever I say our budget out loud because he’s still coming to terms with spending as much as we are but we’ll get there!

I’ve got my first dress appointment this weekend – I’m a bag of nerves as well as completely and utterly filled with excitement. Wish me luck!

L x

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