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The title of this post says it all, what do you buy a couple that seemingly has everything? As couples are getting married later in life, accumulating a lot of the usual gifts themselves whilst living together and with those opting for no gift list…what do you buy the happy couple? Here are a few ideas to hopefully point you in the right direction. 

First up, go big or go home. How about Tinggly? Their tag line is “give stories, not stuff” which I love and I think there a lots of couples getting married that have done the ‘stuff’ portion and are now ready for the ‘stories’. You can help make memories but selecting a gift box, the couple then pick an experience (anywhere in the world, so can be tied in to a honeymoon or they have 5 years to decide) they then plan an adventure! Can also be used for birthday/anniversary gifts are there is a tonne to choose from. My favourite? Quad biking around blue lagoons in Iceland probably! If you’re worried about the environmental impact of these gifts then Tinggly also ease that worry as they are involved in a couple of charity projects AND you can choose form sustainable gifts.

I worked earlier in the year with Le Petit Ballon and discovered some amazing wines, they also do a subscription service which would be good for a wine loving couple. There are quite a lot of monthly subscriptions around now and its easy to find a suitable one online. I just like the idea of a couple having something extra to look forward to in the months after the wedding.

A perfect keepsake could be a little bit of art? Art is so personal but you could easily set up a fund, or use something like Degree Art. I think a nice gift is also using one of the couples photos and having it turned in to art such as this from Jane Hartley.

For those that may have just bought a house with garden, I loved receiving some David Austin roses and I think they’re a lovely gift that will hopefully last a long time in their garden. The website is really helpful and helps you choose the perfect rose. They do also do wedding flowers as beautiful as this…

Another fun alternative is to pay for them to become a shareholder in something…my husband has just become a shareholder in a race horse  you can also become a shareholder in a beehive. This will hopefully give them a return on your investment that you may be able to enjoy with them.

Buy them a National Trust membership, or membership to a stately home that is near them. For me, that would be Harewood House please.

I hope those help with finding a good gift for your friends or family that may have everything, if you have been gifted something awesome please leave a comment to help us out!


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