Being My Own Florist

My husband is obsessed with all things green – in the summer you’ll find him on our allotment or at the back of our garden planting up seedlings. Our front porch is pretty much a greenhouse, so during warmer months is full of tomato plants. It was really important to me that our wedding featured a lot of greenery not only to represent a huge part of our lives but also to offset the grey’s and gold’s in the decor. I did look at having a floristry company curate what I wanted but it just didn’t come anywhere near our budget. It became quickly apparent that I needed to work out a way to do them myself. Luckily a close friend had done the same and introduced me to a local wholesalers only 25 minutes from my house.

I’ve been going to0 Dutch Masters in Winchester for over a year in preparation for the wedding just to fill my house with all things green. It allowed me to get an idea of what I wanted especially from visiting in October the year before so I could work out what was going to be in season. In the end I got more flowers than I even expected (always recommend over ordering if you can) and had enough to line the aisle with eucalyptus.

I didn’t want anything too polished so pulling together bouquets with wire and floristry tape was pretty natural and straight forward. I filled Ikea gold plant pots with floristry foam and arranged the stems in it so they stayed in place and hydrated overnight before the big day.

We prepared some wire covered in fern and eucalyptus ready to tie around the hexagon once built in the venue. Our table centerpieces were vases with the same flowers & some homegrown white heather in the same little gold pots.

Doing the flowers myself came in at 20% of the price of what I was quoted by some florists and meant I didn’t need to compromise anywhere. I loved spending the morning before the wedding pulling this altogether and arranging the flowers just how I wanted them. If you want a lot of flowers but they don’t come in on budget I’d really recommend thinking about doing them yourself.


All photo’s in this post were taken by Maddie Waters Wedding Photography 

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