DIY Table Plan – Gold Hexagons

It was really important to me that my wedding felt consistent from the save the dates too the decor on the day. I’ve spent way longer than I care to admit swooning over table plans on Pinterest. One evening after a few glasses of wine, deep into eBay searches it all came together and cost me less than a tenner.


I picked up this large piece of thin MDF from B&Q – next to the wood cutter there’s a bin full of off cut’s. This piece cost me 50p. What a bargain – it needed a little sanding around the edges and then I just painted it with some dark grey paint I had lying around from another a project.

It was then simply a case of creating a hexagon for each guest – I did this using my Dymo Label maker (the true love of my life). The hexagons were sticky so I mapped it all out using blue tac and then stuck them down when I was happy with the formation.

  • Header sticker: Etsy 
  • Gold Hexagon Stickers: eBay
  • Number Stickers: Etsy

I was and am so happy with the final result – to do a full table plan on such little money that was completely to my taste and in keeping with the wedding was perfect as it meant I could spend money elsewhere! I think the key is too think outside of the box – a table plan is only looked at for a short period of time during the wedding so there was no need in my mind to spend a small fortune on it but I always didn’t want it to be out of place.

Table plan image in venue by Maddie Waters Photography. 

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