Our Wedding – 4th October 2018

This last month has gone by in a complete whirlwind. It doesn’t even feel real now looking back thinking we had a wedding day & have been on honeymoon all in the space of 3 weeks. I’ve been super quiet on here for a few months – a DIY wedding means everything I was up to in my spare time couldn’t be shared. Now it’s passed and I have my preview pictures back from my amazing photographer I thought I’d share them.




A lot of people said to me it will fly by and you’ll want to do it again. I think because of that I consciously made sure I was really present in the day. I don’t want to do it again because I wouldn’t want anything to be even slightly different. It truly was the best day of our lives – being in a room surrounded by people you love and who love you is nothing short of perfection. I created all of the decor myself and my dad made my dreams come true with the hexagon backdrop behind us. But I couldn’t of done it alone here’s a list of all the suppliers we used to make the day so wonderful:

I am simply loving being a wife – our relationship hasn’t changed at all but I feel so content and lucky to of had the day of my dreams. Now I have some free space in my mind that’s not full of a wedding to do list I’ll pop some more posts up on how I bought the day together & created some of the decor from scratch. Ooo and I need to touch on my honeymoon because that was nothing short of perfection too! Getting married is just the best!


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