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By Laura

I’ve actually found this harder than I thought I would. I have 2 sisters (one aged 41 and another 24 – I’m one of 4 and my 2 sisters are the oldest and youngest of the lot!) and a handful of incredibly close girl friends, all of whom I would happily have as my bridesmaids. Oh and an 11-year-old niece who has been saying she would be my bridesmaid since she was 6.

So who do I choose? How many do I have? Let’s face it – is it going to cost me an absolute arm and a leg to kit them all out, hair and make-up, flowers etc.?

Well, Fraser has chosen who his groomsmen are going to be (would a post on his groomsmen be of interest?) and we have opted to have the same amount each purely for the symmetry. Is that mad? Maybe but we had to cut down my army otherwise I’d have more in my bride tribe than actual guests. I bought these super cute personalised cards that have a scratch panel on the front to reveal the message ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’. They were made by ‘Philly & Brit’ and you can find them on Notonthehighstreet. Right, without further ado, here they are!…

Valentina – my younger sister. She was the first person I rang when we got engaged. I called my mum and dad who were on holiday at the time, in quick succession but my sister and I are very close.  She had already worked out that the 4th April 2020 would be our 10-year anniversary and falls on a Saturday so it made perfect sense to be our wedding date. She is hair and make-up obsessed and I am forever asking her to do my face up for a night out, French plait my hair because I just don’t understand how it works and pluck my eyebrows. I need her to be my bridesmaid purely to keep an eye for any smudges on the day.

Bridget – This girl. We were in the same form group at school and have been friends ever since. In fact, all of my bridesmaids were with me in the very same form. Is it unusual that my absolute number 1s are friends from school? I hear more and more that people’s best friends come from their time at university but my girls from school will always be my favourite. Bridget and I are so similar in many ways and she’s the only girl I’ll accept phone calls from when Bake Off is on.

Claudia – she will always make me laugh and I know she will make light-hearted fun of situations when I’m stressing over how I want my napkins to be folded. She is a fellow actress and we’ve supported each other through our acting journeys; although I made the choice to not continue mine, she is still taking the dramatic world by storm. She’s one of those girls where you would never have to worry about who she was sitting next to at the table because she can make friends with strangers on the tube.

Loïs – my first ever friend at secondary school. We stuck together like glue at our secondary induction day and I spent days at her house before we had even actually started school. We captained House Dance in Year 12 together and well, what a team. We were robbed of first place and came 2nd but everyone said we should have won. She is drop dead gorgeous, incredibly ambitious and I am so so proud of her achievements. Forever full of wisdom and comes out with all the one-liners.

Eleonora – my little diva. So she is actually going to be my beautiful flower girl but I had to include her in this too. She is the daughter of my older sister and the sassiest little princess. I have encouraged her from such a young age to sing and dance, whenever I babysat her I would literally teach her dance routines, lyrics to songs and make her act out little scenes. Now she is winning awards and rocking the stage in her own right and I cry every time I watch her do her thing.

Anouszka – my Maid of Honour. She is as organised as me, if not more so, and I just know I can rely on her with anything. She is so fashion-forward, ridiculously intelligent and super creative. I’ll be using her talents when it comes to place-names I’m sure. I tell her everything, and she loves insta just as much as I do so I know she will take a bloody good boomerang on the day too. I’ll be leaving my hen do in safe hands with this one and I love her.

There we have it my tribe, my girls and I love them all.


L x

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