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By Laura

Hello! Did many of you spend the weekend at the National Wedding Show or Brides the Show? We’ve got some more inspiration to add to your growing lists in the form of wedding rings! So you’ve got the rock on your left hand, now it’s all about finding the perfect wedding band to compliment it as well as a ring for your partner that will suit their own style and personality. Serendipity Diamonds have come up with 5 inspiring ways to create a unique pair of wedding rings and we think they’re a great way to add that extra something to signify the start of your marriage.

When it comes to choosing your wedding rings, why not consider these 5 ideas to transform a simple pair of rings. Innovative jewellers Serendipity Diamonds feature a range of custom engraving styles available across a wide range of ring styles.

Here are just some of the many services they provide that give a truly unique finish to a pair of wedding rings.

1.Fingerprint engraved wedding rings

Adding each other’s fingerprint to your wedding rings offers a beautifully sentimental touch to your rings. This simple process starts with the plain wedding ring choice and then you just need to choose your width, ring style, and finger size. The fingerprint option can be engraved to the inside or outside surface of the rings. It’s also possible to combine both prints in one graphic across the rings. I don’t know about you but I love this idea!

2. Heartbeat engraved wedding rings

Imagine your actual heartbeat engraved around your wedding ring. The team at Serendipity Diamonds have a truly inventive service. Clients who choose this option receive a small ECG device to capture their heartbeat and then the heartbeats are emailed to the team who laser engrave them around each wedding ring.

3. Handwritten messages in your wedding rings

Another wonderful idea for adding a truly personal touch to your wedding rings involves an engraved message. The team at Serendipity, scan your handwritten message and the message is then applied to the inside of your wedding ring. What a beautifully sentimental way to personalise your wedding band.

4. Adding wedding vows or a verse to your wedding rings

Perhaps you share a favourite verse with your partner, or maybe you would like your wedding vows added to the surface of your wedding rings. This decorative effect adds a truly unique look and feel to your wedding rings. Wider wedding rings offer the opportunity of added rows of text in any chosen typeface to suit the wearer. Those vows that make you both cry at the altar circling your finger is such a special personalisation.

5.Tolkien inspired wedding rings

For die-hard Tolkien fans you can even choose a Lord of the Rings engraving. The team at Serendipity translate and engrave your message in Elvish around a wedding ring. An optional extra is to add a small diamond to separate words just to give that extra something to your wedding band. Tolkien inspired wedding rings feature the styling of Elvish writing added to the inside or outside of your wedding ring.

Things to consider before buying your rings

We asked Serendipity Diamonds for their best advice ahead of buying a custom engraved wedding ring. They told us that the single most important detail to consider is the finger size. One excellent way to ensure that the size is correct is to use their sample ring size service or to try the plain ring ahead of any engraving work.

Something else to consider is the width of the ring. A narrow wedding ring is less suitable for a fingerprint for example, Serendipity say that 3mm is a good width to start from. When choosing writing, they suggest a clear choice of font rather than a script style. This will ensure that words remain clearly visible when scaled down for engraving.

Are you considering personalising your wedding bands? With over 25 years of experience in custom engraved wedding rings, Serendipity Diamonds is on hand to offer a wealth of advice and information on your all-important wedding bands.


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