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Good afternoon! So I get to do some wonderful things for work, but getting free wine I can share with my friends is definitely one of my favourites. Whilst my tipple of choice in a bar is gin, I love a red wine at home. I am a little fussy with my wines and will always choose the same type so when a huge box arrived of rose, red and white I was a little taken aback with where to start. Thankfully the box comes with all the information you could possibly need about each wine and felt exceptionally taken care of, so how do you get a magical wine box? Le Petit Ballon is your answer. And you can get one every month. For you, or your favourite couple. 


Up until this summer I have never really drank rosé, in fact I could only think of a handful of times I had. Usually in the summer I love a cool gin and tonic and would never choose wine, or even prosecco when I was out. When I opened the box and read through The Gazette (their amazingly helpful magazine that comes with each box, also contains lots of lifestyle articles too) I decided to try the rose that was in there. It was called Baletti, I loved the bottle, popped it in the fridge and waited.


We had decided to BBQ and according to the tasting notes it pairs well with grilled white meats and fish, wish was fortuitous as that is what we had planned. I poured my first glass and fell in love, I hate sweet wines which is why I usually tend to stay away from whites but this was delicate, fresh and fruity, and so drinkable!

A few weeks later I was hosting a fancy meal at my house, which include a chef coming to cook five courses (you can read about it here) I was so excited to share the selection of wines I had but ooops, the Baletti was so delicious I had drank it all…After seeing people hyping up Whispering Angel on instagram I decided to get a couple of bottles for us to try before dinner. Whilst I am by no means a wine expert, I know what I like and compared to the Baletti, I really didn’t enjoy the Whispering Angel (sorry if you’re a fan) and have repurchased the Baletti since. I wish I hadn’t been greedy and drank it all myself but if you’re looking for a rosé to try then please give this one a go!

What Le Petit Balon and I were thinking is that a monthly wine subscription would make a fantastic wedding gift, especially for wine lovers or for couples you know who have guests over quite a lot. I think gift giving is getting so much harder now, I know I am often searching for the perfect personalised gift and can be quite relieved when the couple either have a gift list or just ask for money, but since discovering Le Petit Balon I am totally on the subscription box gifting hype!

Even though Michael kindly threw out my wine guide and Gazette magazine in to the recycling bin before I could take some photos of it, I found the wine profiles exceptionally helpful. I know I like French and Spanish wines but I am often not entirely sure why, after trying a few reds and looking through the profiles a pattern emerged of what notes I liked and then I found a South African red with similar and oh my! It was delicious and I quite rudely took the open bottle round to a friends so she could try too (it was called Okana by the way).

You can read all about gifting wine here, and also if you are looking in to it yourselves. I think it is a lovely treat each month and you can sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months. The other great thing about subscribing to Le Petit Balon is that you get a discount when it comes to repurchasing any favourites you may find. Usually by about £3 or £4 off.

Whilst I am still definitely learning about wines, and pushing my boundaries in the world of white wine, I love the fact that Le Petit Balon use master sommeliers to curate each monthly box. Choosing from some of the best vineyards in the world, and some that you will never have heard of they put together a fantastic selection for you for £24.90 a month. It makes supermarket shopping for wine a lot less daunting but to be honest, if I could just have Le Petit Balon for life that would really be wonderful!

The few months after a wedding can be quite blue, you’ve spent so long planning and preparing for such a big event and afterwards the time spent on wedmin can seem empty. Whilst its lovely to have gifts for the next day (monica style) once they’re all put away, thats it. I think with a monthly subscription, even just 3 months it extends that just married charm a little bit longer. And theres wine. What’s not to love?!


This post is a paid advertisement with Le Petit Balon. I have always been honest on the blog and after emailing back and forth I was so excited to work with such a passionate company and I hope you find the same.

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