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Hello! Oh my goodness, I have been so so excited to share these images from the most amazing experience I had a few weeks ago. Dineindulge got in contact with me and asked if I would like to have a private chef come and cook for me and some friends. The answer to that was always going to be a yes wasn’t it?

We moved house in February but hadn’t really had a dinner party yet but it was something I had wanted to organise, the weather had been glorious and whilst I hadn’t bought garden furniture yet we managed to move the dining table outside and set up the most beautiful midsummer night dream feel. Now, the food…

When I clicked on to the website I chose our menu for the evening purely because it has rose and cardamom on it but they have so many menus to suit all tastes. I opted for the Delux signature at £53.99 a head for 5 courses. I told the team of my gluten and dairy intolerances and they said it was no problem. You deal with one point of contact and they sort everything for you, making the organising exceptionally flawless. The website was easy to navigate and the catering options are so varied, from romantic nights in to BBQing a summer party. They can cover everything. The angle we wanted to work was a fun hen party idea and as the girls started arriving I was getting so excited to sit down and have a yummy dinner with everyone and we didn’t even have the added joy of someone getting married.

The chef uses your own kitchen (in this case the Aga that Michael nor I have mastered) pots, pans, cutlery etc and brings their own specialist equipment so you don’t have to worry about supplying anything extra. They also clean up after, leaving your kitchen absolutely spotless. Isn’t this sounding like a dream?

Mark, our chef was charming and chatty and made everyone feel at ease at the fact he was cooking away in the kitchen. He described all the dishes as they were brought out and oh my goodness, the food was delicious.

The best part for me was eating food that looked like everyone else’s even though I had select dietary requirements. I hadn’t had calamari in years and Mark absolutely nailed it. The granita was so welcome in the heat and my chocolate dessert was amazing (made from tofu!!).

I know a review of the food is essential, and there were no complaints for us but my favourite thing about the whole night was that everything was made so simple for entertaining. I actually got to hang out with my friends, drink and be merry. If this were a hen do there would have been plenty of time to get photos out/play games/wedding plan a bit more without the stress of making sure everything was running smoothing and everyone would be fed. It gave such a nice atmosphere as we sat out drinking rosé under festoon lights wondering what amazing dish was going to come out of the kitchen next.

You may think it is a little ‘extra’ to be hiring a private chef but we worked out that you would easily spend £53 going in to the city and buying drinks or even buying an outfit for a hen do. If you rent a cottage somewhere (Dineindulge are nationwide and international), you could cater the other nights yourselves then have a special night with hiring a chef. Or do what I did and use your home. So simple and stress free, though I think the dog may have been a little too intrigued by what Mark was sous vide-ing.

From just £24.99 a head you can have your own incredible restaurant in your kitchen, choose from delicious menus and enjoy something a little different for a night. Take a look at their website for more information, menus and pricing. I wish I could do this night all over again and I am seriously considering it for New Years Eve this year, I can’t recommend this service enough!

Photography | Phoebe Miller

Food | Dineindulge

Flowers | Leafy Couture

Cutlery | Whitehouse Event Crockery

Crockery | Denby

This service was gifted to me to review and as you can tell I had such a lovely evening. I would not share anything on this blog that I didn’t truly believe in. 


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