Best Men & Bridesmaid Outfit Shopping

The Best Men

From speaking to people I don’t think it’s that common for the bride to attend suit shopping. However, as much as I love my husband to be he’s the most indecisive man in the world so I went to ensure suits were chosen. We arrived before the best men to have a look around the high street. We were looking for something that was loose enough for the guys to dance in – really tight suits seem to be the trend and it’s just not my vibe. Tailored slim fit yes but super skinny suit trousers are a no.

In the end we went back to Moss met up with the best men and attended a hire fitting. To be honest I was a little disappointed in the selection of suits they had to hire but with a couple tried on we nailed it down to one that worked really well on both guys. Fitting appointments will be booked a few months before the wedding so groomsmen suits were a massive tick. The groom doesn’t like store shopping to scoured the internet to find his in a slightly different colour for the big day and in the biggest shocker of wedding planning yet – he liked the first one he ordered. We finished up with a pint in the sun to celebrate a perfect day.

The Bridesmaids

As four women with mad diaries we’ve had a bridesmaid day booked in for months. I’d been scouring the internet for weeks in prep for the weekend did a 4 figure ASOS order as back ups and we headed into Southampton centre to see what they had to offer. After a few glasses of fizz and a beautiful pizza we hit up all the stores that should’ve been sure bets. We didn’t find a single dress to even try on. I wasn’t being picky either – the stipulation was just floor length & grey. So we retired to the bar for an espresso martini and ordered a cab home.

With another bottle of fizz popped the girls tried on the dresses I’d ordered from ASOS. My girls are all similar shapes but two needed ones from the tall section – this is why ASOS is a dream. All the dresses I liked could be ordered from the standard ranges & the tall ones. The girls looked stunning in all of the dresses they tried on (above is one that didn’t make the cut) but luckily we all agreed one style ticked all the boxes. I feel ever so blessed that my girls made this super easy – I’ve heard horror stories of bridesmaids not settling on dresses but these ladies were happy with all of the ones they tried making it a complete dream. We spent the night eating fajita’s & drinking all the prosecco to celebrate. ASOS saves my butt a lot throughout the year so it was only fitting that they did so for this occasion too!

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