An unconventional packing list for Mini-mooning

By April

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With all of the madness in the days before the nuptials, packing for the honeymoon (or in my case mini-moon) is likely to be the last thing in your thoughts. With that in mind, I have put together a slightly alternative blog post for those like me that are having a stay-cation in the wonderful UK!

If you are doing similar to me and are staying at your mini-moon location the night before your wedding here are some essentials that I am planning to take:

  1. Swimsuit and hair turban

Our log cabin has a hot tub that I plan to make the most of. You may gasp at the thought of that on the night before the wedding, but I am not planning on getting my hair wet (that is what the handy hair turban is for) and I have decided not to wear fake tan for the big day. I figured a chilled glass of champers in the hot tub will help to relax and calm the nerves the night before the wedding.

  1. Comfy PJ’s

You want to be the most comfortable when at 8 am (or for some of you dedicated ladies even earlier) your entourage turns up along with your MUA and hair stylist. If your photographer is shooting the ‘getting ready’ process make sure the PJ’s are something you would want to look back on in photos and not the [insert unicorn or other cringey pj’s here].

  1. Light breakfast if you are self-catering

I am thinking of taking bake from frozen butter croissants and pain au chocolats to share around when getting ready. Whatever you do brides, do not leave for the venue without having a bite to eat! Try not to opt for a full English breakfast with fried bread and seconds, as this might be a bit heavy on the stomach. You can save this for the day after the wedding…brunch!

There are a few other things you will need regardless of your location:

  1. Toiletries!

Although most accommodation will offer miniatures such as shampoo, conditioner and body lotion, don’t forget what Oli and I ALWAYS tend to fail to remember when staying away from home….Toothbrush and toothpaste! There is nothing more annoying unzipping all the ‘secret pockets’ in your washbag or suitcase to find out that you have left it behind.

  1. Essential Telephone Numbers.

A print out of local taxi’s if you are feeling like a spontaneous trip out and all importantly local take away’s in case you get peckish and WIFI is out of range.  If you have excursions or activities booked also take confirmations of these, for any reason they have misplaced your details. You want your mini-moon/honeymoon to go to plan so you can enjoy this time so be extra prepared….just in case.

  1. Camera

You may think you have been all papped out after the big day but you will regret not capturing memories of the stay-cation/honeymoon as this will also be a special time to remember for years to come. I plan on taking my Polaroid camera to take cute photos of us and the surrounding’s when we go exploring and on our romantic walks.

A few other bits and pieces which are not ‘standard’ when packing for the mini-moon:

  • A bath bomb and other pampering goodies to get some well-earned R&R after the hectic run up to the wedding. I am going to take my Neom Organics Skin Treatment Candle which Oli bought me as a gift.
  • Pack of playing cards. No not for drinking games (unless you are both party animals of course) but for relaxing on the decking of the log cabin or balcony playing games with your newlywed. Hours of fun, just you two together (and hopefully not the cause of early onset martial bickering).
  • Appropriate footwear and socks. Don’t forget about those feet…especially if you had skyscraper heels for the wedding. Flip flops for getting in and out of the hot tub or if you want to let your feet breathe, water-resistant shoes if you do go on those romantic walks and a few pairs of thick socks to keep nice and toasty…you never know what British weather is going to be like!

This will probably be my last blog post as a miss! I hope you all find it useful.

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