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By Laura

Hello! I hope you’ve had a great week and are back into the swing of wedding planning now that the snow has all gone! So often we focus on the dress, the shoes, the bridal accessories but what about our lovely men?! Of course, we want to feel a million dollars on our big day but we want our hubbies to look just as dapper in their suits. House of Cavani, a brand who specialises in Italian Style Menswear, have the most incredible selection of suits so that the groom and his men can find the perfect fit for that all-important day.

Regardless of what style he likes, House of Cavani are experts at ensuring your groom is suited and booted in the finest attire. One of their best-selling materials is Tweed and you can see why from the pictures below.  There is something so timeless about a groom in his three-piece tweed suit that has both personality and style. And don’t think that you have to opt for the usual green shade found in Tweed suits, there are so many different colour options that your man can fit into your colour scheme too!

Size isn’t an issue as the suits come in 34 inch – 52 inch chest and up to a 46 inch trouser waist so whatever his size, House of Cavani have got the men covered. And it’s not just wedding suits; they have shoes, ties and even lapel pins available – you’ve got the entire outfit, head to toe, sorted. This may all sound terribly expensive, but with the suits ranging from £90 to £150, House of Cavani understand that style doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag.

They even have a section dedicated to the styling you see on the hit TV show Peaky Blinders – who wouldn’t want to give off some Cillian Murphy vibes at the altar? All of their suits are sophisticated and suave and it’s no surprise that their flagship store in Birmingham is filled with grooms and groomsmen trying on their fantastic collection.

You know that feeling when you try on your dress for the first time, your family and friends are with you and it feels incredible? Well House of Cavani believe that the men should get that feeling too – putting the suit on, looking in the mirror and getting that “I look amazing” reaction. It’s so important to make sure the men feel involved and that they have the freedom to make decisions too. Giving them the freedom to choose the suit that has the “wow” factor for them will make the difference on the day, trust me!

So if you’re at a loss finding a suit for your hubby-to-be, House of Cavani are sure to be your knight in shining armour and give you the suit of your dreams – and his too!

{This post is sponsored by House of Cavani, but as always we only promote brands that we really love}

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