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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Good morning and a very happy Monday to you. I am sorry for the absence of weddings and posts from me over the last couple of weeks. I have been moving house! If you’d like to see more of that you can read my blog posts on Simply Weekend and follow on instagram. If you are here just for the wedding porn then stick around because we are now back on track to be sharing pretty real weddings every day!

Today’s real wedding is of Jess and Andy who got married in Cheshire and had a beautifully relaxed outdoor country wedding. The images by Sarah Horton are gorgeous and I hope you enjoy looking through their romantic day.

photography | Sarah Horton

Walking down the aisle with my dad and little boy and feeling overwhelmed but soooooo excited to finally marry my childhood sweetheart in front of all of our family and close friends.

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Advice –

Stay calm, relaxed and don’t make rash decisions as you may change your mind quickly! I felt it was important to enjoy the wedding planning and not let it take over my life but still feel in control and organised! Don’t overthink things and make it a day that reflects you and your husband to be by adding little touches that people will appreciate and remember! I enjoy being creative so for me it was important to try and do as much as possible myself! Enjoy every minute as it is over so quickly and take care when choosing your photographer as your photographs will be the one thing that you will be able to look at once your day is over!

A few people have requested that a list of suppliers be left at the end of a post as it’s easier to see when trying to find things you like so that is what I will be doing moving forward.

The Suppliers 

Venue – St Mary’s church, Broughton
Delamere Events Ltd, Cherry Orchard Lake, Oakmere

Tipi’s – Marquee and Events

Flowers – Jenny’s Flowers, Chester

Bride’s Dress – wed2b Liverpool

Brides Shoes – something ‘old’ my mums shoes from her wedding day

Bride’s hair accessories/veil – Claire’s Accessories

Veil – aunties veil from Berketex in Chester

Bride’s Hair – Trudy Williams, Broughton

Makeup – Claire Quick make up artist

The perfume – Alien, Thierry Mugler

Bridesmaid Dresses – Eloise’s secret closet (online)

Bridesmaid Shoes – New look

Earrings – Ol & Co

Groom’s outfit – Moss Bros Chester

Groomsmen’s Outfits – Moss Bros Chester

Ties and pocket squares – The Cravat Company

Cake – Friend

DJ/entertainment – Chester male voice choir in Church

Chester DJs  – Matt Callanan (the Chester wedding singer)

Stationery – Hand made by the bride and mother of the bride

Catering/food/drink – Herb and Spice Caterers

Drink provided by Delamere events

Wedding favours – Bartisan Fudge

Honeymoon Destination – Gran Canaria, ‘familymoon’ with our 23 month old son.



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