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By Amber

It’s now less than 8 weeks until our wedding day, eek! I thought I’d do a update post on where we’re at with the planning and how everything is going.

I had my first wedding dress fitting yesterday and it went really well. The dress is too big so I’m having some alterations to make sure it fits perfectly. I was a bit nervous as I’ve had some bad dreams in the run-up to the big day and my most recent one was on Sunday night – my dress came and it was the completely wrong colour…it looked like somebody had stained it with tea bags!! But luckily, it was all just a dream and the dress is perfect.

I made some changes to our flowers, adding in a few garden roses and changing the shape of my bouquet. I originally wanted hydrangeas but changed my mind and went for garden roses instead. It’s tricky as I’ve not seen a photo of exactly what I’m looking for and I’ve only had communication via email with the florist but I’m sure they’ll do a great job on the day!

We sent out the invitations for our May wedding party a few weeks ago! It was really exciting as for the actual wedding day, I sent out cute boarding-pass style invites to our 18 guests. So for the party I wanted to go all-out with the invites! My step-dad is a printer so I had them designed by Mara Blush & Gold and I absolutely love them. They have a eucalyptus print on the outside, with our names in gold foil. (So hard to take photos of gold foil ha!)

Everything else is pretty much all sorted now. I’ve got my hen party in a few weeks time which I’m really excited about! I’ve also been planning our itinerary for New York as we’re there for around 5 days before the wedding day. Paul & his parents and brother have never been so I’m going to be their little tour guide, taking them around the city! I’m so excited to go back, even though I’ve been 5 times there’s still things I haven’t seen and want to do!


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