The Best Bits So Far…

By Lucy

Looking back at our wedding planning journey so far, the last 13 months have been an emotional rollercoaster but the experience has most definitely been an overwhelmingly positive one! And with that in mind, I thought I would compile a list of my top 5 highlights of our wedding planning journey so far.

Picking our readings for the ceremony. This was an unexpectedly enjoyable task. Harry and I aren’t ones for public declarations of love and as such, were worried we’d be unable to find readings that felt like us. But there are loads of beautiful readings out there for every type of ceremony, and when I first read the readings we’ve picked I got goose pimples and a few tears in my eyes.

Trying on wedding dresses with my Mum. Though the dress procurement process has been incredibly stressful (more on that another time), it has none the less been really special taking some time out with my lovely Mum and visiting some amazing wedding dress boutiques. Our top pick was Marrime in Jesmond, where I have (finally) purchased a dress. *Squeals*

Cake tasting! We recently went to The Bakery at No. 4 to discuss (and sample!) cakes, tray bakes and puddings for our dessert table. This is one of the less serious decisions we’ve had to make and it was really fun choosing what colour meringues we want and how many different types of tray bakes we should have. Oooph we had such a lovely afternoon with Melissa hashing this out in her cosy Kendal café.

Honeymoon planning! Harry and I both love to travel. And dreaming about where to go for our once in a lifetime honeymoon has been so much fun. So far backpacking in India, skiing in Japan and a beach holiday in Costa Rica have all been mooted. There are just too many places we want to see but it’s a lot of fun researching it.

Friends and family offering to help with the wedding in all sorts of ways has definitely been the biggest highlight so far! Yes it’s cheesy, but we really have been overwhelmed (in a good way) by the amount of people who have offered to pitch in and help us out. They really are a talented and wonderful bunch, whose generosity is melting my cold heart!

Until next time,

Lucy xxx

Photo by @FreyaDowson

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