The Hen Do!

By Rebecca

Whilst Greg is on his stag do this weekend, I thought I would let you all know what I got up to last weekend on my incredible hen party, and my feelings before, during and after!

Last weekend, after months and months of planning from my maid of honour and bridesmaids, I had my incredible hen party! I was kept in the dark about everything, down to where we were going.  All I knew is that I had to be ready at 18:15 on Friday night dressed in my best white dress.

I have to admit I was going into this with a bit of trepidation – I knew they would only put the best weekend on for me, but I was slightly anxious as I knew nothing about it. A few weeks before I got a packing list in the post, and on this was a sleeping bag! I thought it could be a red herring, but then maybe it really wasn’t, and we were going to be Glamping in the middle of freezing winter! I love camping, but maybe not in -1 degrees celsius! I felt very emotional in the week leading up to the hen weekend. I had all incredible friends coming together to celebrate, well, Me, and my upcoming nuptials! It wasn’t an unusual sight to see me blinking back tears at work through most of the week.

On the Friday evening I got picked up by my maid of honour and one of my bridesmaids. They blindfolded me as I got in the car, and we drove to our destination. The journey took about 2o minutes, and then we arrived! Taking my blindfold off, I was greeted by the other 11 girls all dressed in black standing outside the most stunning house in Wimborne!

The house had been decorated in hundreds of photos of me from about the age 12+, they were so lovely to look at over the weekend, and there were even a couple of photos of my dad dotted around which was so special.

The evening got underway, we had jugs of home made cocktails, canapés, my sister (MOH) even bought a karaoke machine! We danced, sang and drank until about 2am when we decided to visit the hot tub! It was literally the best way to start my incredible hen weekend!

Waking up on Saturday morning with a slight headache (lots of prosecco!) I woke up and went downstairs. A scavenger hunt had been put on for us all in the stunning grounds of the house, which got us out in the fresh air and rain to clear the heavy heads. At the end of this, I found out this was all for me to find a gift from all my friends! It was a beautiful Olivia Burton Bee watch.

After this we had a couple of hours down time, had some lunch together around the huge dining table, before we started flower crown making. I have always wanted to do flower crown making, and even asked my sister at one point months before if I could wear a flower crown on the weekend! As the van pulled up with the florist and all the flowers in it, my sister asked if I had seen who it was? I looked out the window and it was my wedding florist, The Wild Fox, which started me off crying! I just felt so touched that it was really personal to me. We had such fun making the flower crowns that afternoon – I think I found my calling in life!

After a little more hot tub time later in the afternoon, we all got our glad rags on, along with our flower crowns, and went to The Gin House in Wimborne for a few cocktails. The waitress in there was so so lovely and accommodating for us all!

Back to The Bride Hive for a pyjama party, more drinks, more food and games! We played Porn or Polish, hilarious! Two of my bridesmaids filmed Greg a few weeks before so we could have a game of Mr and Mrs which was so much fun! I think I got most of the questions right, which I was surprised about! The girls also wrote down a memory each of me and them, and I had to guess who wrote it. The last game was a ‘How Well do You Know Your Girls?’ On the television they each put a photo up of their body part and I had to guess who it belonged to – very funny, but I don’t think I was very good at it! The piece de resistance was when I was sat on a chair in the middle of the room and in came, yes you guessed it, a stripper! I had flat out refused to have one, but two naughty bridesmaids booked me one! The funny thing is none of the other girls knew he was coming and it couldn’t really be a hen do without a naked man involved could it? Lets just leave it at that – but it was absolutely hilarious and we cannot stop talking about it. It will definitely make for some funny stories later on in our lives!

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, the girls all know me so so well, and I couldn’t have done a better job for myself! I had the next few days off work – I can honestly say I felt very down. What was one of the best weekends of my life, and that I had been waiting for months was over. Going from such a high with all my best girls, back down to reality in my flat doing the washing was such a contrast. Let me tell you, Hen Do Blues and Hen Do Flu is very real – with little sleep, lots of alcohol and not enough vitamins, but having the best time of your life does not make a good mix for the days after!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my incredible Hen Weekend, and if you want any information about where we stayed etc, please do comment below and I will let you know.

Yesterday meant it is 6 weeks out till the wedding. It will be 30 months of planning when it gets to our wedding day. Time has flown, and I cannot wait for the big day!


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