The course of true love never did run smoothly!

By Tim

Hi all, it’s the country’s only blogging groom here (not actually checked, so could be wrong but it sounds good, right?) and I’m back! Sorry for the big delay since my last blog post, I’ve just been super busy with work and finalizing things with the wedding and honeymoon. 

I ended my last post telling you how on this one I would talk about the proposal to Katie and the problem I had, so that’s exactly what I’ll do. I think I told you from day one I knew I wanted to marry Katie and I always thought about how I would propose. Neither me or Katie like big public displays of affection, so I knew it had to be somewhere quiet but still beautiful.

I already knew which ring I wanted to get Katie and I bought it about 4 or 5 months prier to popping the question. It was a yellow gold, large 3 stone ring and it was beautiful! In fact, whilst Katie was at work I used to just stare at it and look at the shine and beauty of it.

Whilst planning this, we were still in the middle of renovating our home we’d bought together and it felt like me and Katie’s dad spent half of our time at B&Q buying something we needed for the house. This is where I asked him if I could ask Katie to marry me (no, seriously…) to which thankfully he said yes. One big weight lifted off my shoulders as I’m not really sure why but I was so nervous to ask!

Once I had Katie’s dad’s blessing I came home and I trolled the internet for somewhere I could ask her to marry me and I came across the Palladian Bridge in Bath and went from there. The destination was perfect as neither of us had been before and both love exploring new cities. I booked us the best room in the 5 star Gainsborough Spa Hotel in the centre and arranged for a bottle of champagne to be delivered to the room mid evening so we could celebrate together (providing she said yes!). I also booked a table at a tiny, family run Italian restaurant called Amerone for the evening as its Katie’s favourite cuisine.

Now, everything was going great, all my plans were ready and everything was in place until the day before we were due to travel. By chance I looked at the National Trust website the day before we travelled and it noted that the Palladian Bridge was closed that weekend for structural repairs. Panic! I’d literally been planning this for months and now I didn’t know what to do. I sent a frantic email to the National Trust who sent me an email with a number to phone to speak to someone over the phone. I spoke to a man who told me to leave everything with him and he would get back to me. At this point I was really panicking and even thought about calling the whole thing off when I received a call back. The amazing guy had managed to pull a few strings and gave me a 2 hour window in which we could use the park so I could propose. Even better was because the park was advertised as closed we had the whole thing to ourselves, which was just perfect.

Prior Park is located at the top of a hill with an incredible view over the top of Bath. We worked our way down the beautiful gardens towards the bridge and my heart was pounding. Katie kept commenting on how beautiful the bridge and gardens were and how the day was perfect. Little did she know it was going to get a whole lot better!

We arrived on the bridge and the view of the surrounding area was breathtaking. We took 10 minutes taking photos of the views and looking at all the different engravings of love from the 18th and 19th century. By this time I’d had my hand on the ring box for about 2 hours, waiting for the right moment to ask. Katie looked away for a moment to read a carving on the bridge and that’s when I did it. I got down on one knee and when she turned back round I was kneeling there, quite uncomfortably, due to having a knee replacement 18 months earlier. Football. Bleugh! Katie was completely surprised as she didn’t expect a thing. She did make me wait for an answer though until after I assured her I’d asked her dad first. The next words I heard was a ‘yes’ followed by tears of joy. We spent the next 30 minutes just cuddling and kissing like school children when they get their first boyfriend or girlfriend before finishing the walk through the park.

On arrival back to the hotel I’d arranged for Katie to head down to the spa and get a massage so I had time to get the bottle of champagne I’d arranged into the room and chilling on ice. It was the best champagne we’ve ever had, not sure if that was due to the amazing mood we were in though. We now buy the same bottle every time we have something to celebrate and it brings back amazing memories and still tastes just as good. We spent the next few hours in our own little bubble, drinking champagne before getting ready and heading out for our meal. The Italian was the perfect finish to our day, so much so I tipped more than half of what our bill cost. I was just over the moon, so happy and so in love.

The next morning we got up early and went for a swim in the thermal baths before heading into town for some breakfast. On leaving the hotel the valet brought round the car and left a tin of Gainsborough Spa mints in it. We now have that tin in a little keep sake to remind us of the most perfect trip away and the first step to planning our ‘Fun on the Farm Yorkshire Wedding’

Hopefully you made it to the end and I promise not to leave such a big gap before my next post. Thanks for reading.

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