Asking my bridesmaids

Picking & asking my bridesmaids was super easy & I’m sure they pretty much knew this too. But I did want to show my girls how important they were to me by asking them in a way that was a little more special than just a text. Apologies in advance if you’re reading this girls – I’ve taken a trip down memory lane to complete this one.

Whilst still on my holiday post-engagement it became a fun pool-side activity to search for items to place in their ‘bridesmaids boxes’ the film ‘Bridesmaids’ was a included for all three of them. I also purchased these ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ cards from Amazon. I had polaroid pictures of us printed via Lalalab to go alongside an additional card on the front of the box letting them each know why I needed them by my side on my big day. The boxes themselves were actually from B&Q (who’d have thought it) and were simple brown kraft boxes. I filled each one with the film, card & something a little more personal.


Claire is a prosecco loving dancing queen so a small bottle was a must have for her box. I’ve known Claire since I was 12 and we’ve been through pretty much everything together. Our lives have weirdly always been in parallel from the history class we took at school, our Saturday sales job & now to the place we work today. Always ready for a coffee break when things get a little too much & never without a prosecco ready to celebrate the weekend. I could never do this bride thing without her.


Holly and I have called each other wifey after many university years of living together and each ensuring the other one had dinner on the table for when they got home from work or a late night lecture. I added a grey jumper with Wifey written on the front letting her know I will always need her as my wife even though I was going to become an actual one. Each year we make an annual pilgrimage to watch Eurovision in whatever city it is being held and I know she’ll bring some Eurovision joy to all bridal celebrations. Some of the best nights of my life have been spent with this woman drinking wine that cost £2.50 from the corner shop, watching tool academy and putting the world to rights. I love her and I’m so lucky to have her in my bridal gang.


Sophie was pregnant at the time of asking so couldn’t have anything alcoholic even though most of our memories involve heart to hearts in club toilets or drinking one too many and singing about ex-boyfriends on the stairs. We once hilariously went canoeing in Crete to find turtles and it’s been a long-standing nickname and joke for approximately 12 years so some little socks from ASOS with embroidered turtles seemed most fitting.  This girl has literally been by my side through all the sad bits & all of the laugh till you can’t breathe bits. Being best friends with someone from the age of 12 means there’s nothing she doesn’t know about me. I love her silly amounts & I couldn’t even imagine doing this whole wedding thing without her right next to me.

Finally a little kinder egg in each one finished it off because everyone loves a chocolate surprise. Wrapping in some wedding appropriate gold & light pink ribbon each one was ready to be posted/ delivered to my bridesmaids. It wasn’t much but I just wanted to do something a little more than a text. It also was a little chance to explain to them all how important they are too me and explain how important it will be to have them with me on my wedding day as I often fear us girls don’t do that anywhere near enough. Bride squad assembled – I can’t wait for all of the exciting prep we can do together this year.


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