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If you’ve just got engaged, firstly congratulations! If you can’t wait to get planning, or you’re already in the midst of nailing down the details but need a few extra tips then you’re in the right place, as venue-booking platform Hire Space is here to share some pearls of wisdom to help you on your journey to creating your dream wedding day.

You’ve probably got an idea in your head of what you want your big day to be and we want to help you make it a reality, so here are some key points to consider when you start venue hunting.


There are plenty of options for the style of your venue and there are thousands out there, so it can be a little bit overwhelming to start off with. The first thing to consider is, are you going to go for something traditional or a space that’s a little more unusual?

Going down a tradition route could lead you to a country house, barn or even a fairytale castle. Whilst more unusual venues such as museums, deconsecrated chapels or theatres are memorable options and will give you an opportunity to unleash your creativity. Bear in mind that if you choose somewhere slightly ‘off-piste’ that the venue might not have a license for your ceremony, so remember to ask.


Get an idea of your wedding budget, this obviously doesn’t need to be an itemised list at this point but a rough guide will help refine your search. There’s nothing worse than finding your perfect venue and realising it’s too small or too expensive. Have a good idea of guests before you begin your venue search, a lot of venues do per-head packages, so work out how much you’d like to spend on each of your nearest and dearest to get an estimate.


Check with the venue if they offer in-house catering and if they have a preferred suppliers list to see if there are any that might suit your requirements. If you’d prefer to bring external catering then make sure the venue allows this. Whether you want to bring external catering, have the venue provide it or go ‘off-piste’ with some street food, choosing your catering is a pretty fun part of wedding planning. Think of all the tastings!

Location, Access and Accommodation

Logistics aren’t the most romantic part of wedding planning, but it’s the little details that will ensure your day runs smoothly. Make sure you consider the location and how accessible it is for your guests in terms of both public transport and parking. Make sure to keep guest accommodation in mind too. This may be available at your venue (if so, check the numbers), if not it’s a good idea to take a look at the nearest place to check its suitability.

Ask Questions

This is arguably the most important point. It’s very easy to get carried away when you see a beautiful venue but don’t commit until you have all the facts. Create a checklist of factors that are deal breakers for you, this will help you to stay objective on your show-around. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at any point, remember this is YOUR big day. For example; When are they licensed until? Are you allowed to bring in outside caterers? Are you allowed that live band you had in mind? What will the setup be like? How will the event flow through the venue?

And Finally…Relax

Give yourself plenty of time to get organised. But, remember you can’t plan for everything…

Let Us Help

If you need a helping hand along the way, Hire Space is here to help with everything from venue and suppliers options, to know what to ask venues and negotiating on prices, so you can stick to the fun stuff.

If you need a helping hand finding your dream venue or sourcing suppliers, get in touch at

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