Creating envelope liners

Call me strange but when I open a beautifully lined envelope I know that whatever is inside is going to be just wonderful. That attention to detail was something I definitely wanted to include in my wedding stationary so set about finding the perfect envelopes.

I want my stationary to be special but I also want it to be in budget. I found some exquisite envelopes on etsy in particular that were just perfect however they were also way out of my budget. Designing everything myself it really didn’t make sense to spend more on the envelope than what was going to be inside. So I settled with the prospect that lined envelopes just weren’t going to be part of my stationary plans.

Then when I was searching through my birthday card organiser (yes that is a thing – and will change your life I promise). I came across a beautiful card with an equally beautiful lined envelope. Having been in my organiser for a little longer than it should (sometimes I can’t part with the really pretty cards) the glue on the lining had come loose and separated it from the envelope. It was then that I had my epiphany – why couldn’t I just make my own envelope liners. So I did.

The process is super easy but very time consuming. It was a little trial and error so thought I’d share how I did it.


I choose to line my envelopes with gold paper as it will set off the gold wax seal on the outside. Using a paper from 130gsm to 180gsm would be perfect for this – you need something that means your actual invites will still fit inside but also something thick enough for the glue not too soak through it.


You can find templates for liners in different envelope sizes online. I started with one and then adapted it as I preferred the lining to be slightly bigger than the original template. I’d advise creating your own card template that fits to your liking and drawing round that for each lining. I’d also recommend investing in a small paper guillotine – keeping straight lines makes life so much easier unless you have a much steadier hand than I do.


Testing the glue you want to use to ensure it’s not going to pucker the envelope is also key. I started with quite a wet glue stick on a test run which ruined the look of the envelope. In the end found quite a cheap and dry glue stick did the best job. Pre-creasing the liner paper in the right place also makes sticking it in much easier. In reality you only need to glue down the triangle part of the liner as inside part won’t budge. It makes it less messy and neater to get into the right place.

Doing anything differently?

If I’d of had a bigger budget I would of designed a patterned liner with our initials on as you opened the envelope and had it professionally printed – you only get married once right?! If I did it again I would of rounded off the little triangles at the tip of the liner – not a deal breaker but just something that I thought of after finishing this craft.


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