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By Rebecca

A Saturday marathon of Say Yes To The Dress has inspired my post today!

I bought my dress last January, so 14 months before the big day. I arranged a day I could get me and all five of my bridesbabes together to head to Wed2B in Southampton. 

Even before being engaged, I had always lusted after having a Jenny Packham bridal gown! Back to reality with a wedding budget, I knew that it would always be a dream. The majority of the bridal shops around me were still too out of budget. I found out about Wed2B on Facebook, and after a search on their Facebook, saw a mind blowing choice of off the peg dresses! I saw a few that I had fallen in love with, so that would be the first place to look.

We got off the train at Southampton and walked into the shopping centre where the shop was. I wanted to be early, but we ended up being the first ones there, so the whole shop to ourselves for a bit. The lady who served me was so lovely, and asked me to choose 4 dresses initially to take into the changing room. I tried on all the dresses I had seen online and none of them were taking my fancy – it is so true that what you originally want you probably won’t go for that style.

I asked my bridesmaids to go and pull a few off the rack as I didn’t really know where to go from there. They bought a few in, and two of them were not me at all. The last one they picked for me ended up being the last dress I tried on – I fell in love with it! I even got a bit emotional and had a little cry, which is something that you see in the movies, you never expect to get ‘that feeling’. I didn’t want to take the dress off, but I couldn’t go to Nandos in it!

The sales lady in Wed2B never made me feel pressures about buying it on the day, she was so helpful and attentive to the type of venue I had, the type of things I do and don’t like.

If your budget isn’t allowing you to have a designer dress, I highly recommend buying off the peg from Wed2b.


A few tips for trying on wedding dresses:

  • Do your hair and make up. I don’t mean how you’re going to have it on the day – just to make you feel glamorous and a bit more special to a standard day.
  • Wear nude coloured underwear. It’ll be harder to get an idea of the dress if you’re wearing dark coloured underwear under a light-coloured dress!
  • Lose all inhibitions! Throughout the whole appointment, if I wasn’t in a dress, I was in my pants. My bra was discarded from the first try on! The sales assistants have seen it all before, all shapes and sizes!
  • Have the supportive people in your life come with you, and the people who’s opinion you respect. I don’t even mean just your mum/nan/bridesmaids. If you value your fathers opinion, your best guy friends opinion, or even your future husbands opinion, take them!
  • Enjoy the whole experience! This is one of the best bits about wedding planning! I know a lot of people have dreaded their time dressing up as they haven’t had the body confidence. It’s easier said than done, but don’t feel pressured in losing weight specifically for the wedding. Your husband/wife to be asked you to marry them because they love you just the way you are.

Good luck with the dress hunt ladies!

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