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By Amber

Today marks three months until our wedding day – I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone since we got engaged in October 2016! One of the most asked questions since Paul & I got engaged has been “why did you choose to get married in New York?”

There’s a few reasons why we opted to go for a destination wedding rather than staying in the UK so I thought I’d share them here on the blog in case anyone else is deciding whether to opt for a destination wedding. I’ve been to New York four times now and it’s my absolute favourite place in the world. I went with family the first time, then for my Mum & step-Dad’s wedding and then again for my 21st birthday with friends. I’ve always said that I’d love to get married there…and now I actually am!

Neither Paul nor I really like being the centre of attention so the idea of having a large wedding in the UK didn’t really appeal to either of us, along with the fact that I like all of the expensive venues and it probably would cost us double if we got married here! Before we even got engaged we’d spoke about potentially getting married abroad and then when we started planning, we decided New York would be the best place for us to say I do.

We’re getting married in Central Park, in a small wooden gazebo-like structure called Cop Cot. In the Summer it’s covered in greenery & foliage but it’ll be slightly more bare in the Spring, meaning you can see the skyline/buildings through the gaps in the wood. The last time I visited New York was in February with my younger sister, as we flew out there to find a restaurant for our wedding lunch post-ceremony. It was actually snowing so the photo I have is quite wintery – it could actually snow in April (or rain) but I’m hoping for a dry Spring day…fingers crossed! Paul was going to come with us but he decided that he wanted his first visit to New York to be when we get married…aww!

We’re flying out five days before the wedding to do some sightseeing with Paul’s parents and brother, then our other guests are flying out a few days later. It’s been a lot of fun planning a wedding but a little bit stressful with the time difference and only having emails for communication. I’ve booked everything for New York, with only a few last details to finalize.


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April Michelle Richards //

Aww can’t wait to see your photos! We got engaged in NYC too. Central park is such a special place x