We’re Getting Married This Year!

By Lucy

Happy New Year everyone, I hope your breaks were suitably merry and festive! I can’t quite believe 2018 is actually here, the countdown to our wedding is now well and truly on – 6 months and 1 week to go, to be exact!

Whilst I am so excited for this year and can’t wait to get started, we still have so much wedding planning to do! And so looking down at our “to do” list has become something of an exercise in trying to keep calm.

Since we rolled into 2018, the majority of my head space has been filled with wedding worry: Will we make the right decisions?  Are we spending too much?  And of course, wondering whether it will all come together perfectly on the day. Yeesh! I know I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself but it’s enough to make anyone think seriously about whether to just pack it all in and elope!

But with the firm knowledge that we do in fact want a wedding at home with friends and family and don’t actually want to elope no matter how many times we threaten to, I have made some promises to myself for 2018 in an effort to minimise the amount of times Harry has to come home to find me sobbing into my “to do” list (true story):

Number 1: Make a concerted effort not to stress about things I can’t control. Take more baths, read more books and if it’s out of my control, I just need to learn to let it go.

Number 2: Care less about what other people think. I’ve learnt that when it comes to planning our wedding, we are never going to please everyone. So I’m going to (try to) stop worrying about other people’s opinion, no matter how hard they try to force it on me, and do what’s right for us as a couple.

Number 3: Stop comparing myself to everyone else. Yes wedding blogs, Instagram and Pinterest are goldmines of inspiration, but I need to learn to see them as tools and not get obsessive! For me, that means no more scrolling through #wedding on Instagram in bed when I should be asleep.

Number 4: Have faith that it will all work out and remember what it’s really about. I’ve often heard brides say that on the day they didn’t care that it rained, or that they forgot to put their veil on or that the giant balloons in the perfect shade of mint green that they ordered popped before anybody got to admire them. They didn’t care, because at the end of the day they got to marry the person they love surrounded by the people they love.

For anyone who knows me, I’m a classic Type A control freak/worrier, so it’s highly likely I will break these promises to myself at some point over the next 6 months! But I’m going to print this out and pin it on my fridge, a helpful reminder to not take things too seriously and enjoy this crazy wedding planning ride!

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