Getting through the planning lull

After the initial flurry of celebration drinks, writing guest lists & booking my main suppliers I found myself in a little bit of a wedding planning lull at the end of last year and over the Christmas period. In the interest of honesty I thought I’d write about it and also about how I got out of the rut here.

I got engaged in June last year which from engagement to wedding will have given me 15 months of preparation. Once I got stuck into the planning and list writing I marched through booking my venue, photographer, caterer & settling the big decisions pretty quickly. Then after sending out the save the dates 12 months before the big day I was left with 3 months where I really didn’t need to do anything.

So since the beginning of October apart from browse pinterest before bed I really haven’t done anything wedding related. I’ve written a few lists and screenshotted a few absolute tunes on spotify ready for playlist creating – but that is it. It’s felt a bit weird but honestly I haven’t needed to do anything and it’s been great. In the few months following our engagement all anyone wants to talk about is your wedding day. So spending time throughout December not thinking about the wedding and just focusing on Santa’s arrival was probably the best thing I’ve done.

Getting out of the rut

Coming back into January with a completely refreshed outlook and a brand new diary I’m ready to tackle the next 9 months running up to the big day. It has taken a little focus to get back into it as it’s surprising how easily I can fill my time with dog walks & house updating. In addition to all the stationary I went through in a previous post I’ve added a few bits. I picked up the family diary from Busy B as my everyday diary this year. It has a column layout for all of your children – as I have no children I’m dedicating one column on every page to the wedding.

I also got an old school Dymo label maker for Christmas which has just inspired me to get organised in pretty much every aspect of my life. I am now one of those people who labels their pasta ‘pasta’. I’ve created this header board on my cupboard door just for the big highlights of what I need to complete each month. It’s more so I don’t have to keep opening my spreadsheet when I panic and think I’ve forgotten to pay someone or order something.

I’m so excited to just enjoy the next 9 months and having everything organised like this will really allow me to do that. I can’t wait to make our forever official in October and enjoy all of the fun bits in the run up. 2018 I am so ready for you!



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