Sharing a wedding day with royalty  

By April


Prince Harry and Meghan are not the only ones tying the knot on 19th May 2018, myself and Oli are too! We announced our wedding date early summer this year and pipped them to the post (they obviously have good taste)!

Marrying on a weekend is deviating from the royal families past traditions. Although there are no official rules stating that they should get married on a weekday, other royal weddings in recent history have taken place during the week. 

Despite straying from royal protocol, May is a popular month to get wed for many…with 2 bank holidays falling in this month. Interestingly, numerology states that 2018 is a year 2, focused on happiness, collaborations and alliances. It’s a year where agreements are signed and the climate is great for bridging links and securing common future. This sounds perfect for myself and fellow SYGM blogging brides (and groom) weddings taking place in 2018!

By the point of writing this blog post we have booked our venue, organised our photographer, I have found THE dress, and I have asked my bridesmaids to be by my side and most recently chosen our wedding rings.

My Bridesmaids

I myself am also doing something some would say a little unprecedented too, by having 2 male bridesmaids. 2 male friends from school who both have the same sense of humour as me, my best girlfriend who became close to me in 6th form and at uni we had many memorable nights out involving some questionable fancy dress outfits and lastly our young niece as a flower girl.

I am sure that Harry and Meghan will have the best team around them to help organise their perfect wedding. I know I have thoroughly enjoyed wedding planning with the occasional ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from the other half (the selfie mirror being a no).  The whole experience has been far less stressful than I first thought. Don’t get me wrong, there have been hiccups along the way like my make-up artist pulling out, but you easily let go as you are far too incredibly excited for the big day to let it dampen your spirits.

Wedding mania is likely to pick up again after New Year, please come and check out my Instagram @aprilmichellerichards to see my latest updates.


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