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I’m well aware I have a strong leaning toward high end brands and rarely foray into “drug store” – for no other reason than having been accustomed to premium since working in a department store {and I may have picked up a hint of makeup artist snobbery} however as I tell clients all the time, high street brands are upping their game with every year that passes.Both celebrity and designer brand collaborations are becoming more and more commonplace but I do have to confess that the Gigi Hadid collection is the first time I ever remember feeling genuinely excited for anything Maybelline have launched.

This excitement was relatively short lived however when I visited two Boots stores to find a sea of testers, and literally about 10 items of stock {stock levels are much better online but I always like to try before I commit as I’ve such a ridiculous amount of makeup already}. After grabbing literally the last lipstick {West Coast shade Austyn}, a black gel liner pencil and a Liquid Strobe in Irridescant {before being told at the till it was a tester} I swapped it for a Gold and decided to review what I had.

So, this collection comprises of two mini collections – West Coast Glow Makeup, and East Coast Glam Makeup and there’s a fair few products in each – mascaras, tinted primer {the Light just looked insanely dark to me, hence why I didn’t get it}, strobing creams, eye contour palettes in both warm and cool shades, brushes, pen eyeliner, gel liner pencils in nude and black, 6 lipsticks {3 red, 3 nudes}, corresponding lip liners, and the Jetsetter palette – which at £29.99 seemed a bit pricey for budget makeup, but I guess that’s the joy of collabing with such a huge celeb right? That’s the dearest item, whilst the lip liners are the lowest at £5.99.  The visuals are beautiful, and I do really like the idea of having two mini collections within a collection – it helps to break down the vast amount of products into more easy to consider chunks.

Now Gigi I clearly am not, but here’s a few pics of the liner, lipstick and glow on {which hasn’t really shown up in these photos and is definitely on the subtle side – as I’m fair gold is a little warm for me so I was pretty sparing}. The lipstick is creamy with a slight sheen, so had a moderately good lasting power of say 2-3 hours without top up but needs a liner or is prone to bleeding. I had so many compliments on the shade – it is a beautiful punchy orange red. The gel liner I love – it is super black, super creamy and set on my eyelids so there was no transfer whatsoever – I’m totally sold on this for waterline and for smudgy cat eyes.

I have ordered all three West Coast/nude lipsticks – when I tried the testers instore I thought they were all gorgeous, and if you are in the market for a Urban Decay Naked Basics dupe the eye contour palette looks promising.  I’ll put swatches of the nudes on my instagram when they arrive! I think I still always feel surprised by drug store that it’s not all like, £4.99, but I think especially for lipsticks, there’s really very little difference between high and low, and the gorgeous colours in this collection prove as much.

Have you bought anything from this collection? Let me know if I need anything else!

Emily x

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