The SYGM groom!

By Tim


So, where do I start? I feel slightly pressured to make my little blog spot for the SYGM team a good one, as I’m the first groom to do it! Yay! I think I should start the first one by telling you about me and my beautiful wife to be; then each blog thereafter about our journey leading up to our wedding in August 2018.

Well, I’m Tim, I’m a 26 year old, baby faced, heavily tattooed northerner and now I’ve recently discovered that I’m completely wedding (and everything to do with weddings) obsessed! I wanted to blog because Katie often tells me I’m emotionless because I’m so bad at expressing them. However, I am great at writing them down.

Katie, like myself, is 26 and she’s a teacher and an assistant head at a local primary school in our little town. We first met at school when we were forced to sit next to each other at high school due to our last names being alphabetically similar. Its safe to say we weren’t friends as we were completely different people and socialized in completely different groups.

About 6 years after we left school, I was out having a drink with a few friends when I bumped into Katie and we got chatting. I thought nothing of this until the next day when I couldn’t stop thinking about her and how she looked that night. I honestly think that was the moment I knew I would marry her one day. I knew Katie loved baking and at the time The Great British Bake Off was on, so I used this to my advantage to tweet her just so we could interact again. Sad I know, but not quite as sad as forcing myself to like coffee so I could take her on a coffee date!

Eventually I finally plucked up the courage to ask Katie out on a date and we did the typical cinema trip. I’m not sure what we watched, in fact I didn’t care- I was just happy to be with someone as beautiful as she was. After the cinema, we went to some arcades and just laughed the night away until the early hours. After I dropped Katie off at home, I was getting feelings I’d never felt before and I knew I was in love. Try not to vom, but its true!

Two days later, I asked Katie to be my girlfriend and less than a year after that, we bought our gorgeous home and completely gutted and renovated it, thus starting the first part of our lives together.

I’ll stop now as I’m sure I’ve rambled on enough and don’t want to bore or give too much away on the first blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and will keep a look out for the next one where I’ll tell you about the planning and the problems I had whilst preparing to propose, ultimately leading up to our Yorkshire farm wedding which promises to be as quirky, weird and as wonderful as we are.

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