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Morning! We are in Spain today for the most beautifully rustic luxe wedding, is that a thing? It is now. The crumbling architecture, the intricate lace detailing of Raquel’s dress and crown, the tumbling Malagan hills, the skull topped cane. This wedding has it all. Sadly we couldn’t get a full questionnaire back from Raquel and Antonio but we have got some lovely details and insights in to Spanish wedding traditions from their awesome photographers.

words & photography | The Springles 

Castillo Santa Catalina is perched on the hilltop overlooking the misty blue Bay of Malaga. The claustrophobic winding road gives way to the expansive gravelled driveway of this beautiful and imposing sand-coloured building so suddenly that it almost seems to jump out at you. Raquel and Antonio were both raised in Malaga, and although they now live in Madrid they’re both still Malagan at heart – so this gorgeous venue, steeped in local history, fitted them perfectly. 

Both creative in their lines of work, we had no doubt that styling would be hugely important to Raquel + Antonio. They enhanced the Castillo’s rustic formal gardens with floral displays in burgundy, white and pink set atop cut logs and adorned their aisle with heather and moss. Baskets of apples arranged throughout the venue gave a sense of autumnal abundance. 

We loved how Raquel’s girly chiffon and lace dress contrasted with Antonio’s daring black and red tailoring, with a heavy metal belt buckle and a skull-topped cane. There’s a great Spanish tradition that allows the Groom his own entrance, so naturally Antonio arrived hoisting his cane aloft to AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Hell.’ 

After the ceremony the cocktail hour started with great enthusiasm and as the first drops of warm Spanish autumn rain started to fall, the guests were treated to plates and plates of tapas.

Raquel loves to dance, so elegant ballet pumps in all sizes were provided to ensure that the festivities could continue long into the night.

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