My first steps of wedding planning


I’ve always dreamed of my big day but when I came home from holiday with a ring on my finger the actual wedding planning felt a little overwhelming. All of a sudden everyone I knew was asking have you set a date? What dress do you want? How many people are you going to have? I was caught up in this spiral of looking at venue’s then gasping at the price, then looking at more venue’s followed by more gasping. However since stepping back from this odd feeling I’ve found the first steps a breeze so wanted to share my planners, stationery & top tips.

Sitting Down

Firstly I would recommend turning off from all your friends & family just sitting down with your partner and jotting down the basics. I quickly became wrapped up in trying to please people and it didn’t sit right. When we stepped back and thought about what we wanted out of the day everything became easier. We put some music on, ate paella & drank margarita’s. Then we jotted down our friends and family into five tiers:

  1. We literally cannot get married without these people there (Day Guests)
  2. It would be really weird if these people weren’t there  (Day Guests)
  3. I’d like to party with these people for sure  (Evening Guests)
  4. We wouldn’t be that upset if they RSVP’d no (Potential Evening Guests – dependant on costs)
  5. The people our parents would want there (We’ll invite them if we win the lottery)

This has formulated our guest list and from there we could plan out what we really want from a venue (no corkage) and how much we wanted to spend as we could break food & drinks into per person amounts.

Pinterest (check out my many boards here) & spreadsheets are obviously my best friend. But as a girl who’s never given up her paper diary – the stationary I’ve picked up is probably half the reason why I’m so ahead of schedule (my bridebook app tells me so) and how I’ve had time to make my own envelope liners (I really am living my best life at the moment).

The Binder


My Kikki K wedding binder & organiser is my new best friend. I love Kikki K as a brand so when I was in London for a work meeting I made a quick detour to their Covent Garden store to pick this up. It’s great for sharing my vision & idea’s with Steve who hates constantly looking at phones & computers. It’s also a nice way to step back and just rip pages out of magazines, store receipts & keep things organised. The dividers, wallets & stickers included really gave me a little bit of an idea of where to start and made everything seem so much easier.

The Wall Planner


The Busy B wall planner is up in my dressing room to stop the morning ‘ooo hell have I forgotten something’ feeling. It’s a great countdown and place to put on the big things I need to remember to do. It came with stickers for key events like hen do’s & wedding dress shopping too. It’s not the most useful tool right now but I know it will be a god send as we get closer to the big day and have more things to do.

The Planner

wedding planning moleskin

I finally picked up this Moleskin Wedding Journal which is the only part of all this wedding planning stationery that I always keep in my handbag. There are a lot of parts to this journal that are tailored to an American wedding so aren’t that useful to a UK bride however there’s lots of invaluable sections for when I’m out and about. The address book has been great for grabbing friends & families addresses when we’re together. The note sections are also great if I happen to think of a fabulous idea when on the move. Finally the sections for caterers and cakes are so good as they give you reminders for things to ask when you’re having meetings with potential suppliers. I would never have thought to ask caterers what their staff uniform was – such great tips!

Never underestimate having a pen to hand


I didn’t realise quite how much I did on my phone until I started this. So many times I went to grab a pen to write some information from a call down or an idea and just couldn’t find one. I decided to invest in a little pencil case and some nice metallic markers to keep things pretty and it’s been such a good buy – I always have a pen to hand now!



Finally magazines – I didn’t think they would be that useful but my friend gave me a bundle post her own wedding. It’s good to just focus your wedding filled mind on something that again isn’t a computer. If you do come across rock n roll bride I really recommend picking it up – it’s so refreshing to see a collection of brides doing things a bit differently. Now I tend to pick one up instead of my usual home magazines if I’m out and about.

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