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facebook-profile-picture By Claire

After a break from blogging… I’m back. Apologies for my absence from blogging as of late, but unfortunately I suffered a tragic bereavement and have struggled with how to get back into this.

I really want to be brave enough to write a post about the emotions I’m going through, and make it relatable to others who have lost a close family member whilst also planning a wedding, but I’m sorry, I just can’t. I can talk one on one, and I’m sure many people will have been through the same situation, but this is just a bit too public to share.

So although I wanted to share the complete nitty gritty, we’re just going to have to cement over that very large crack for the purpose of this blog. Life is hectic, we’re living in a building site as we renovate our house (I’m not even sure I’d moved yet the last time I blogged?!), work is manic and I’m on a roller coaster ride of emotions whilst trying to plan a wedding.

This blog is therefore my prelude of what’s to come. I’ve been on my hen do and it was brilliant, and I can’t wait to relive it by telling you all about it. I will make a commitment to get that post to you in the next few weeks. We’ve also sent out our invites designed by my amazing friend, so I want to show these off to you whilst we wait for the last few RSVP’s to come through. We’re aware that the wedding is now just less than 4 months (!!) away and we need to start paying attention to the finer details, thinking about decorations, table plans and favours. We’ve committed to spending some time together planning and preparing over Christmas so we can get ahead, as we have a very busy year next year. We have 5 weddings of close friends so lots of hen and stag do’s, plus our own wedding and honeymoon, so the more we can do to get prepared (and saving) for now, the better.

Sorry to keep it brief, but I feel I had to bring you up to speed before moving forward. On a final note, you can find some right corkers when going through old family photos… definitely need to find a way of incorporating this one into our big day. From a sister living with the loss of her big brother. 

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