The Proposal Story

By Rebecca


The pontoon where the proposal happened!


Hi there beautiful SYGM readers! Im Bex, I’m a 28 year old Radiology Assistant, and I live in sunny Bournemouth! I was chosen as a blogging bride, and I am just getting round to writing my first post – the most important one that has taken me on this crazy wedding planning journey! Get your self a cup of tea, and I really hope you enjoy!


I have been with my fitness instructor fiancé Greg for 8 and a half years. We met at a ripe young age of 19 in the local village pub. From the moment we met, we have been inseparable.  We got engaged over two years ago, October 2015, in stunning Fethiye, Turkey. Every weekend away, every holiday, I really thought that would be the time I would be asked that dream question, but I waited, and waited!


On this holiday though, I really did not think it was going to happen! Greg had said a passing comment while we were waiting to board our flight we should think about going to Paris the following February for Valentines Day – that was it, I thought then he wants to ask, but give it a few more months. It was actually quite enjoyable not expecting that question – I’m sure you all know what I mean when you’ve been in a long term relationship that any little or big occasion could be a possible proposal. Little did I know that there was a diamond ring sitting in its box, wrapped in a sock in his hand luggage!


It was on our third morning in Fethiye when Greg got some all inclusive beers for us to drink at 10:30am! I thought that was a bit odd, but when on an all inclusive holiday, there is no such thing as time. I remember the day, he was so fidgety, wanted to go swimming, paddle boarding, going out on the pedalo. I wanted to relax and do nothing!


Some time in the afternoon, Greg had told me that he had booked me in for a full body massage in the hotel spa. I thought nothing of it – he is such a romantic person that this was a very normal gesture for him! I had such a relaxing massage, and off I went back to the room.


When I got there, Greg wasn’t in, but there was a little note on the floor with the room key inside. I let myself in, and there were rose petals on the floor leading to the bed, and scattered on the bed, along with two dresses to choose from. Again, this sounds pretty extravagant, but its the type of guy Greg is! I just thought wow this is so cute!



I chose a dress and got ready, then I got a text asking me to come and meet him on the pontoon down on the water. As I was walking down, I got a slight flutter in my stomach, thinking this would be a great proposal story… ha ha ha! Greg was sat at the end of the pontoon with a bottle of champagne at his feet. I walked towards him and as I got to the end, he took my hands and dropped down on one knee! I started proper ugly crying, I had dreamt of this day for so many years! He pulled out a stunning diamond ring, was speaking words to me, but I cannot for the life of me remember what he said. He had arranged for people to film the proposal, and take photos, which I have, and are so lovely to look back on!

The photo I shared on social media!

We rang my parents, who were in the car together, with my younger sister, and it transpired that Greg had asked my dad if he could marry me! It meant so much to me, and still means so much, as since being engaged and now, we sadly lost my dad last summer, so knowing that he was involved in the beginning makes me so happy.


The evening passed by having sushi on the beach, with the sand between our toes, lots of wine and gin, and laughter, love and happiness!


There is our proposal story! We are now only 126 days until the wedding. I can’t wait to share more stories, and planning excitement along the way! Thank you for reading!


Bex x

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