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On December 10th 2005 I went on a first date with a friend of a friend. I instantly felt at home in his company and nestled into his shoulder for the entire movie without even thinking about it. Fast forward a lot of life events and far less fresh faces. 11 years later in June 2017 we took a holiday with two of our best friends to Greece. Little did I know that guy I met all those years before had something a little sparkly up his sleeve (or sewn into his backpack). On a sunset cruise on the second night he dropped to one knee and asked me to be his wife. After a little bit of ‘are you serious?’ – I said yes! 

I’m one of the girls who’s been dreaming about her big day since she was little. I’m not embarrassed to admit I had a wedding folder under my bed as a 13 year old girl full of ripped out magazine pages. As I’ve gotten older my dreams have become less glitzy extravaganza and more about making a day that is completely us. And my wedding folder has transformed itself into a planner, a binder & a million pinterest boards.

We’ve been in our own home for just under two years. In that time have fully redecorated it from old lady chic too the grey cosy home I’ve always dreamed of. We’ve bagged ourselves an allotment so home grown is a big part of our lives. We’ve also taken on the fluffiest love of our life – Monty-Bear a chocolate cockapoo. Who if he can learn to stop eating every clothing item in sight may just have a part to play in the big day.

We’re paying for the wedding ourselves so a DIY approach is definitely the way forward. Think home-brewed ale and floral arrangements using flowers we’ve grown. Next year for one year only our vegetable patch will be taken over by all the flowers. I adore stationery so am making & designing everything from scratch – so far my favourite part of wedding planning. The first thing I designed & ordered was my personalised wax seal so you can imagine the stationery heaven I am currently in.

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Family photo

Becoming Blighe

Sadly Steve isn’t convinced on my plan to create a merged surname of Bliglen. So I’ll be holding onto that until the big day is here. From then I will have to spend my life spelling out Blighe too everyone I ever meet, the things you do for love eh. I’m so excited to spend the run up to the big day planning, preparing & perfecting everything for our wedding day and I can’t wait to share the journey on here too so thanks for having me 🙂

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The Ring!

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