From Miss to Mrs | It’s Official

By Gemma

Photo by Scott Stockwell

So it’s official – I am now a wife!

I still can’t believe our wedding day was nearly two weeks ago. We had the most amazing day with our friends and family and really didn’t want it to end.

The run up to the day was a complete whirlwind but everything came together beautifully – even if I do say so myself! Every moment of the day was just perfect. There were lots of happy tears; from me, from Dan, from our parents and most of the guests (sorry about that guys!).  The day was everything we could’ve wished for.

For anyone who is soon to tie the knot here’s a few things I learnt:

There will be tears

And lots of them! As soon as I heard my entrance music that was it and nothing will prepare you for seeing your other half waiting for you at the bottom of the aisle. That said, I managed to pull myself together to say my vows and so did Dan (just about). Have a bridesmaid or groomsman on hand with tissue if you need them!

Take it all in

I know everyone says it but the day really does disappear in the blink of an eye. Make sure you step back to enjoy every moment and all your hard work.

Learn to delegate

Now I was no bridezilla but I was a complete control freak in the run up to the wedding. I eventually managed on the day to accept help when setting up the venue. Remember you can’t do everything!

Trust your venue

The staff at Hyde Barn were incredible and we barely noticed they were there but at the same time they were on hand if we ever needed them.

Make sure you save yourself some cake

By the end of the evening I definitely had no room for cake. We had a few pieces from each tier saved for us to take on our mini-moon. There’s nothing better than enjoying it the day after when you can finally sit back and relax.

Adults are big kids

The sweet table was a massive hit especially considering we only had two children at the wedding. The best man was raiding it before we’d even tied the knot.

Let your guests enjoy your flowers

Like most, we went away for a few days after our wedding, meaning we weren’t at home to enjoy our flowers. I encouraged our guests to take the centre pieces home so the beautiful flowers didn’t get wasted.

Hope this gives you a little insight on what to expect. I’m so excited to share our Cornwall get away in my next post.

Gemma x

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