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We are in the final run up the The Unruly Wedding show. Make sure you get your tickets! Today we are interviewing photographers Through The Woods We Ran. I have been following them on instagram for quite a while as I adore their work so it gives me such pleasure to blog about them today!

1. Describe your photography style?

For Googling purposes we describe ourselves as ‘candid’, ‘photo-journalistic’ and ‘alternative’, cos that’s what all the cool kids are searching for. More accurately though we’d say we’re all about capturing couples being themselves; we’re super into the imperfect rather than the perfect; and we’re all about the real moments (both the significant and not-so).

2. Why is it important to have a photographer on your wedding day?

To get all cliche for a minute – asides from the marriage itself (hopefully), the photos are pretty much the only thing you’ll have that’ll last forever. They’ll remind you of the big things you were there for and show you the little things where you weren’t. We know so many people that regret not getting either a pro photographer at all or, the thing we hear the most, not getting a pro photographer whose style they loved. 

3. What should couples be looking for in a photographer?

Choose someone you absolutely trust will nail it on the day. That means you love their style, their approach, and their point of view. That way you can just let the photographer do their thing while you do what you should be focusing on – and that’s having the most awesome day possible. Don’t worry about coming up with photo ideas or giving your photographer a shot list of things like “a photo of the bride in her dress” (it happens).

And try to get someone you could imagine having a blast with on your wedding day, because you’ll potentially spend more time with the photographer that day than with your partner, your family, or your best friends. So don’t just look at their images – look at their about page and how they present themselves and make sure that’s a good match too. Your photos will be so much more awesome and so much more ‘you’ if you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself.

4. How long should couples expect to wait before they get their photos?

This varies hugely for every photographer – but they’ll usually give you a pretty good timeline up front. We know some who get them out within a couple of weeks, and some who are more around the three month mark. We sit at around 6-8 weeks with some instagram teasers thrown out in the meantime. I think the main thing to remember is as much as you want to see them straight away (and yes the wait is agonising – we went through it with our own wedding photos!) – you’re getting these photos for forever so there’s no huge rush.

5. What wedding photography advice would you give to couples?

Hmm we’ll just smash out a bunch of quick tips! Choose someone you trust. Get an actual ‘wedding photographer’ – shooting a wedding is different to shooting anything else (and visa versa). Give your photographer at least 30 minutes to shoot you two, then it won’t feel like a rushed photoshoot but it is time you can actually enjoy with your partner (and not deal with people asking you questions every five minutes). Pretty much everyone says they feel awkward about photos – that’s why choosing someone you trust and will get along with makes it easy. Do whatever the hell you want to do – don’t follow lists or traditions because you think you have to for example don’t cut a cake just because that’s what you’re meant to do.

And our last tip would be come see us at Unruly and ask us heaps of questions! 

You can buy your tickets here for what promises to be an incredible new take on wedding fairs.

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