Scene 2: The Proposal (No, not the Sandra Bullock movie)

By Heather

Everyone always says that your engagement will fly by, and I’m here to tell you that they are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!  As of this past Thursday, Josh and I will have been engaged for 8 months, which means we’re halfway through our engagement!  In honor of reaching our halfway mark (and because I promised you I would), I’m going to tell you all about the day he proposed.

[Scene 2: The Proposal]

            Enter Josh and Heather

This past February, Josh and I didn’t get the chance to celebrate Valentine’s day together due to our overwhelmingly busy schedules during the week.  To make up for it, he suggested that we treat ourselves to a nice dinner and a weekend trip to my hometown.

Now this is where my suspicion first arose, especially since Josh suggested the trip.  Hmm, I thought to myself, fancy dinner…with our close friends…where my parents live…I’m just going to casually go paint my nails.

Well the dinner comes and goes, and there is no proposal to be made, so I completely let my guard down, assuming that he might pop the question sometime after my graduation in May.

The next day, we go out for a picnic with two of our close friends, when Josh brings out the scrapbook I made him for our first anniversary.  He tells me that he made a new addition and wanted to see what my thoughts were.

You can probably see where this is going.  I, however, was completely oblivious, even though at this point our friend is taking “random pictures of the scenery,” and climbs up in a tree to “get some cool perspective shots.”  *Facepalm*, let me repeat, COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS.

As we sit on the park bench beneath a gorgeous magnolia tree, flipping through the pages and smiling back on our happiest memories together, Josh stops on the last page.  The “addition” that he made to our scrapbook was an engagement ring!!!

After I spotted the ring, everything felt so surreal in the best of ways.  Josh carefully removed the ring from the scrapbook page and got down on one knee, “Heather, will you marry me?”

Of course, I responded with a resounding YES, a few tears of joy, and lots of excited laughter, and here we are today!!!

Now that you know our story, I am excited to share our wedding planning journey with you during the coming months!


Love always, Heather

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