Just a little favour | Yes or No?

By Gemma

 When planning our wedding we haven’t always stuck to what is considered traditional but one tradition I did want to include was giving our guests a favour.

I completely get some people think it’s just a waste, especially when keeping an eye on that all-important budget. That said, I love the idea of a little something our guests can take home as a memory of the day.

Favours have come a long way since the days of sugared almonds and there are so many options that I think suit every budget. My friend hand wrote personalised messages in a bottle for every guest – how cute is that!?

As I’m firmly in the yes camp, here are some of my favourite options –

Beautiful Botanicals

Succulents are a favourite of mine (and also the only plant I can keep alive). I think they make a great favour for a laidback greenery filled wedding.

A cheaper alternative to plants are adorable little seed packets. So many options are available and when the flowers appear it will remind your guests of your special day.

‘Play that funky music…’

Music is such a powerful way of triggering memories. We have loads included in our playlist that remind us of specific moments so I love the idea of sharing that with our guests. It also shouldn’t cost much, hit Poundland for the CDs and Ebay for the little cardboard wallets.

Sweet Treats

From sweets in a jar to homemade jam or honey there are so many options to satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth. You can even double up and make your favours, your name cards with personlised name tags.

Sweet Greek Alchemies

Now I don’t want to share too many pictures of the things that I’ve created before the wedding but we’ve opted for printed tealight holders for our favours. I designed them and we were lucky that our very talented family friend Carolyn made my designs a reality. I just really hope that our guests like them and don’t leave them behind!

A little sneak peek

What are your thoughts on wedding favours? Thoughtful touch or a waste of money?

Gemma x



*All images sourced from Pinterest

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