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Flowers. The most important part of your wedding. Ok, maybe not. But when else will you get to surround yourself with such beautiful florals? Choosing flowers was one of my favourite parts of planning, and when you start to delve in to the world of floristry you realise what an art form it is to make a bouquet, what knowledge it takes to put together the perfect floral recipe for your day and what passion these suppliers have for your wedding. Grace and Thorn is one of the best, and they are going to be prettying up The Unruly Show on the 29th of October so book your tickets to see their gorgeousness for yourselves. 

1. Describe your style?

At Grace & Thorn, we celebrate asymmetry and mixing tones and textures to achieve a unique and distinctive look with everything we create. Whether we are decorating a chuppah, building chandeliers out of cheeseplants or creating the perfect corsage for your mum, attention to detail is key and we’ll always try to push the boat out for our clients.

2. What advice would you give to couples on a tighter budget?

We have created our own ‘Ready to Wear’ collection specifically for couples on a tighter budget which means you don’t have to compromise on flowers for your special day! But also – think Green! There’s so much beautiful foliage that we can use – why not make a feature of it?

3. What should couples think about before they book a florist?

Think about why you’re choosing a specific florist. Have a look at their instagram / pinterest / website etc. to get a feel for their style and where they’ve been tagged in wedding pictures to make sure they’re the right ones for you. It always helps to have a rough idea of what you’d like to have but have faith in your florist to bring their own flair to the day – that’s why you’re choosing them!

4. How do you work with your wedding couples?

We will always start with an initial chat over a cuppa to make sure we’ve fully understood what our couples want. After listening to their ideas, we’ll create our own mood board for how we plan on interpreting their vision in our style and checking we are using the flowers they best like. We will continue to discuss this until we get it spot on and they are 100% happy. Once everything is triple confirmed, we’ll crack on and then hand deliver them on the day / arrive at the venues to install them. 

5. What are the floral trends for weddings this Autumn?

Noticeably, the all foliage trend is ever growing! This has continued to be a strong staple throughout wedding season and we love it! We’ve developed two ranges in our Ready to Wear Collection that really pick up on two very strong trends, either ‘Pastels with a Punch’ that features lots of classic blush tones with strong pops of dark or the other end of the spectrum ‘The Future is Bright’ with lots of cheerful bright tones and a complete mix of textures. 

You can get tickets to The Unruly Wedding Show here

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