The Lake Proposal, NYC

By Sam

Hello lovelies!

Lets start with the formalities – my name is Sam, 26, and my fiance is Luke, 28. We live together in Hampshire, in the South of England and are getting married on 10th November 2017. Eeek!

For my first post on SYGM let us rewind back to the end of Summer last year, to the proposal. We had always had our hearts set on visiting New York for the 7+ years that Luke and I had been together and finally last September we made the dream a reality.

It was the first morning and with a full belly of pancakes and coffee we began a leisurely stroll through Central Park. We unintentionally stumbled upon Lady’s Pavilion on The Lake which opened out onto an amazing view of the New York skyline. The sun was shining, yet at only 8.30am, the Park was still very calm and quiet. It was just the most perfect setting.

 “Look at the baby ducks!”

I had no idea Luke was going to propose on this trip, least of all when I was hovering over a lake looking for some baby ducks he had pointed out to me (I’m a sucker for animals!). It turned out there were no ducks; just a ploy to distract me long enough to pull the ring out of his bag and get down onto the correct knee that he had tirelessly researched. The ring was every bit me. I was totally taken aback by how right he had got it. It turned out Luke knew what I wanted, more than I did.

After a minor meltdown on the rocks and phoning my Mum in floods of tears, I finally confirmed that my answer was of course, yes! Soon after, a couple walked onto the rocks and kindly took these photos. Thank goodness for the sunnies because I was very puffy eyed at that point!

The rest of our trip was spent in a bit of a bubble. My inner Monica Geller kept telling any person who would listen “I’M ENGAGED, I’M GOING TO BE A BRIDE!!!” Having already been together for almost 8 years, we didn’t want a long engagement and so my wedding hat was officially on.

Fast forward 13 months on from the proposal and we are only 4 weeks away from our big day. I’m so excited to get you up to speed over the next few weeks; look out for the ducks on our wedding stationary!

Sam x

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